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Dutch designer Bregje Cox makes meaningful clothes for the future. With her label 'Noir Near Future' she brings fashion, technology, science and psychology together. In addition, she often collaborates with other creatives to create unique, innovative collections.

Enclothed Cognition

One of these collaborations is 'Enclothed Cognition'. Through their unique garments, designers Bregje Cox and Mark King want to empower their customers. The kimonos and jackets from the Enclothed Cognition collection are made to order and can take 2 to 6 weeks. The collection is inspired by the 'Enclothed Cognition' theory, which describes the influence of clothes on the daily tasks and performance of the wearer.

From 350 euro, you can order your own unique trousers, dress or jacket with a fun print or made from jacquard. Interested? Click on this link.


Bregje Cox also founded Pulsar with Frederik De Wilde. Together, the duo have completely upturned the classic design process through this project. Using special software, Frederik converts NASA public data into black-and-white patterns that are then translated onto textiles. The result is unique, luxurious garments. This new collection includes beautiful kimonos and timeless garments. Pulsar also uses this software to design sunglasses and bracelets. The designers never stop innovating. In the future, they hope their software will also be used by other designers, not just Noir Near Future.


Designer Bregje Cox strives to be as sustainable as possible without sacrificing quality. For both her own brand 'Noir Near Future' and her collaborations, she always works with Dutch textile printers and Jacquard weavers.

In her own collection, Bregje Cox combines couture techniques with modern fashion tools such as 3D modelling, 3D printing and laser cutting. This means her garments are always unique and breathe luxury.

The brand uses different types of fabrics including custom-woven jacquard textiles, digitally printed organza, silk and biopolymers for the bracelets and sunglasses. For the bio-polymer used for the bracelets and sunglasses, Bregje Cox works together with 3D printing expert, Stratasys.

The Jacquard fabric she has chosen to work with is from Germany and Italy and is of the highest quality. It is also STEP and OEKO-TEX certified. The Jersey print she uses is printed at House of U. This textile printing company is based in the Netherlands and is currently making the transition to GOTS recycled textiles. However, the quality from this company is not always the best, Bregje admits.

Bregje Cox always opts for the highest quality fabrics to ensure the lifespan of her clothing is as long as to our ears!

Foto: Trucker jacket van Enclothed Cognition collectie. Designers: Bregje Cox en Mark King.

Working conditions

Noir Near Future collaborates with local sewing studios in the Netherlands and Belgium (both in Antwerp and Brussels). Bregje is always on the lookout for local craftsmen with specific expertise to help bring to life her unique collections. Something we certainly admire at COSH!.

Short chain

Bregje always tries to do her textile printing or Jacquard weaving as locally as possible to keep the brand’s environmental footprint as low as possible.

Slow fashion business model

All orders are tailor-made within a time frame of six to eight weeks with the help of local craftsmen, workshops and seamstresses. Customers can book an appointment at her atelier and then choose a piece from the collection. Their measurements will be taken so the piece can be fully adapted to their shape. With Noir Near Future, you’ll leave with a unique piece, made-to-measure from the highest quality fabrics that will last you forever.

Would you like to order a unique piece from Noir Near Future? Get in touch via instagram or head to Bregje Cox’ studio.

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