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Antwerp jewellery

The Belgian artist and jewellery designer started his own brand in the late 1990s and early 2000s and became a great success. His jewellery was known all over the world and was sold by more than 150 shops. Until fate, called the crisis, struck and many of these shops had to close their doors. As a result Taeymans also felt a setback, but he didn't leave his head hanging, because today his jewellery brand still exists! With a much smaller team, two stores of his own and a few more boutiques.

So Nico Taeymans took a more intimate approach and that certainly paid off. Taeymans jewellery is unique and completely handmade in Belgium. He also studied the origin of the materials and tries to use the purest precious metals. At the back of the shop in Antwerp is the workshop where all creations are made. At Nico Taeymans you can go for his own collection, but also for tailor-made jewellery, such as engagement rings. He bases his jewellery on the rough and untouched nature. Ideal for people who prefer something more original and natural.


Nico Taeymans mainly uses gilded and silvered tin, silver and gold. For the diamonds it cooperates with the best in the Antwerp diamond sector. In the future COSH! will look more closely into the jewellery sector and hopes to create more clarity and transparency about this.


An original wedding ring or a memorable mourning jewel, at Nico Taeymans you can go for both. Completely handmade in Belgium with the help of the Antwerp diamond industry.


Nico Taeymans juwelen fair goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans juwelen fair goud
Nico Taeymans verlovingsring fair goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans trouwringen eerlijk goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans trouwringen fair goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans originele trouwringen handmade in Belgie
Nico Taeymans Second Skin trouwringen persoonlijke trouw ringen 03
Nico Taeymans persoonlijke juwelen eerlijk metaal rouwjuweel
Nico Taeymans juwelen fair goud Antwerpen rouw halsjuweel
Nico Taeymans Second Skin ringen

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