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Jewellery from Antwerp

The Belgian artist and jewellery designer started his own brand in the late 1980s and became successful in the early 2000s. Nico Taeymans’ jewellery was available in over 150 shops across Belgium and worldwide. Until the economic crisis brought everything to a halt and many of those shops had to close their doors or reduce their collections. As a result, Taeymans’ wholesale business took a real hit but he never gave up, and his jewellery brand is still going strong today! Albeit with a smaller team, two flagship stores and a handful of distributors.

Nico Taeymans adopted a more intimate approach and it has definitely worked in his favour. Taeymans jewellery is unique and completely handmade in Belgium. He pays particular attention to the origin of his materials and tries to use precious metals with low footprints. The workshop is just a few streets away from the Antwerp shop. Head to Nico Taeymans for jewellery from his own collection as well as bespoke pieces such as engagement rings, mourning jewellery, etc. He finds inspiration from people for these pieces and produces natural, organic forms. The ideal creator for people who prefer unique and natural jewellery.

Rough diamonds

Nico Taeymans is a member of the Antwerp diamond industry and a member of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme which guarantees conflict-free diamonds. The Antwerp diamond industry also has an additional certificate available to jewellers: the Antwerp Most Brilliant certificate. Affiliated jewellers have to uphold strict quality standards in buying and selling ethical diamonds. Antwerp was to provide customers with trustworthy information with regards to the provenance of a diamond and prevent blood diamonds from making it onto the market. Find out more in our blog about blood diamonds and fair diamond certificates.

Commentary: Nico does not cut the diamonds himself. He cuts other gemstones and semi-precious stones. Nico likes to work with rough, uncut diamonds. In 2018, for example, he designed a collection for the Antwerp World Diamond Centre. The collection was inspired by the idea that diamonds can be beautiful and remain affordable for everyone.

Recycled gold and silver

Did you know that most of the gold and silver available in Western Europe comes from generations of old recycled jewellery and therefore does not contribute to pollution caused by mining? Nico Taeymans also uses recycled gold and silver from Umicore. They recycle precious metals from electrical appliances, smartphones and computers. Umicore is one of the largest recycling plants for precious metals in the world. A circular business model in other words.

In short

A unique wedding ring, bespoke mourning jewellery or just a beautiful piece of jewellery? Get in touch with Nico Taeymans! Make an appointment and Nico will be happy to design, with your input, your most precious piece of jewellery.

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Nico Taeymans juwelen fair goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans juwelen fair goud
Nico Taeymans verlovingsring fair goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans trouwringen eerlijk goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans trouwringen fair goud Antwerpen
Nico Taeymans originele trouwringen handmade in Belgie
Nico Taeymans Second Skin trouwringen persoonlijke trouw ringen 03
Nico Taeymans persoonlijke juwelen eerlijk metaal rouwjuweel
Nico Taeymans juwelen fair goud Antwerpen rouw halsjuweel
Nico Taeymans Second Skin ringen