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Are you looking for a diamond engagement or wedding ring with a minimal impact on the environment? Or do you want to invest in a timeless necklace, bracelet or a pair of earrings for yourself? Let us introduce you to N-ue, an Antwerp-based jewelry label launched in 2019 that focuses on quality and sustainability. Their delicate and versatile diamond jewelry can be worn every day and will stay on your skin forever. All pieces are handcrafted in Europe and created with lab-grown diamonds and 18k recycled gold to avoid destructive mining.

On the N-ue website you can find a beautiful collection of diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Looking for something more personal? At N-ue you can also customise your dream engagement ring. Make an appointment in their atelier in Antwerp or book an online info session for more information.

N-ue got its name from the French word ‘nue’ which means naked. Because the delicate pieces of fine jewelry are very lightweight, they float on your body and feel like a second skin. Thanks to the high-quality materials, the pieces will last a long time.

Ethical materials


Mining diamonds is a destructive, costly process which has a lot of impact on our environment and ecosystems. Approximately 2,5 tons of the earth have to be removed and 126 gallons of water are used to uncover 1 carat of rough diamond. Besides that, the workers who mine diamonds are often forced to work in terrible working conditions. Want to know more about the impact of diamond mining on our planet and communities? Read more here.

N-ue consciously chooses a more ethical approach by using lab-grown diamonds. The above ground diamonds are created in a lab and are polished in the same workshops as mined diamonds. Physically, chemically and optically, lab-grown diamonds are the identical to their mined counterparts. The only differences are only in origin, and traceability. N-ue pieces are made with the whitest and cleanest sustainable diamonds ensuring your jewelry to have a brilliant sparkle.

Recycled gold

As we already mentioned in a recent article, gold mining is one of the most polluting activities in the world. Besides that, it also disrupts entire communities and incites wars. To limit the destruction caused by new mining, N-ue recycles and repurposes gold from existing sources like old jewelry and electrical components. The label only uses 18k yellow gold which is both air and water resistant.

Made by women, for women

In an industry that is dominated by men, N-ue shows true girl power! The company was founded and managed by women. From the design room, factory floors, to the accounting and marketing divisions, N-ue employs a talented and diverse group of powerful women.
N-ue believes that investing in a business is also investing in people. All the N-ue jewelry is made in Europe, ensuring fair wages and good working conditions. The pieces are handcrafted by artisans with an expertise in making ultra fine 18k gold jewelry.

Timeless design

N-ue wants to prove that luxury can be affordable. That’s why they put a lot of time into choosing the right components at the most competitive prices. This way you always get a superior product at an accessible price. Nue makes timeless jewelry that stands the test of time and can be passed on for generations, making it an investment that is definitely worth it.

Are you looking for a diamond with a more responsible origin? Then N-ue is definitely the place to be. Check out their selling point on the map below:

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