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Mr. Manchette is using over 90% sustainable materials and is producing in a family owned business in Portugal.

They are using pre-consumer waste streams and textile left-overs and are part of the slow fashion movement.

Respect is the main thread running through Mr. Manchette. Their production centers on Respect for Mankind and for the Environment. An Boone, the founder and designer chooses solemly GOTS certified organic cotton or tencel textiles (but no blends) and selects fair producers. Neither the designs nor the fabrics are season-sensitive and as contributes to the slow fashion movement.

The brand replaced plastic bags in the production supply chain by recycled cotton sleeves and recently switched polyester buttons by corozo buttons. Hence making to collection recyclable by design and contributing to a circular economy.


Mr Manchette Cosh classic lightblue 1 An Boone
Mr Manchette Cosh classic white 2 An Boone
Mr Manchette Cosh double cuff 3 An Boone
Mr Manchette Cosh classic white detail 6 An Boone
Mr Manchette Cosh print on blue 5 An Boone
Mr Manchette Cosh print on white 7 An Boone

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