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Do you wish to look stylish at the office, a reception or a party without compromising your ecological values? Then Mr. Manchette has the perfect solution for you.

This clothing label from Ghent, founded by An Boone, makes sustainable men's shirts from 100% organic materials. Do you like casual shirts that you can wear with jeans, or do you prefer a suit? At Mr. Manchette you will find both.

Mr. Manchette's shirts are timeless, stylish and ethically produced in Portugal. With your purchase, you're not only making the right choice for yourself, though also the environment.

Besides shirts for men, Mr. Manchette also offers a small selection of shirts and dresses for women and children. Are you looking for a flannel or linen shirt dress, or can your children use a new shirt? That's possible too! So the whole family can go to the family party dressed in Mr. Manchette!


Mr. Manchette's creations are made entirely of natural materials, organic cotton, linen, and tencel. The GOTS certificates guarantee that these fabrics were grown organically and without the use of dangerous pesticides. The shirts are printed digitally with eco-friendly inks. Digital printing requires less water than traditional printing methods. Mr. Manchette ensures their supply chain supports the environment, the production workers and you! Most importantly, being free of "nasty chemicals"!

For the buttons, the brand uses corozo and wooden buttons. Corozo buttons are sourced from natural seeds from the Tagua trees which grow in South America.

Ethical and short chain

De Mr. Manchette's production is always fair and as local as possible. The cotton used to make the fabrics come from Pakistan, India, and Turkey. Most of the organic cotton fabrics are woven and dyed in Portugal, Spain, or France, and finally, the shirts are made in Portugal. Thanks to European production, the brand can guarantee good working conditions and keep its ecological footprint small. This is a common misunderstanding.

Circular economy

Mr. Manchette is all about recycling. Thanks to the choice of 100% natural mono-materials, the shirts are easily recyclable and biodegradable.

The brand tries to avoid as much waste as possible. Mr. Manchette sells the leftovers that are no longer used to circular designers who use them to make new garments. That way, nothing goes to waste.

The brand makes conscious circular choices for packaging and shipping as well. For example, Mr. Manchette only uses paper packaging to transport the shirts, and they also use recycled cardboard for the collar protectors.

Slow Fashion

Mr. Manchette designs entirely according to the slow fashion principle. Seasonal collections are available twice a year, whilst classic shirts in white, light blue, and black are readily available all year round. These seasonal collections are timeless, meaning they will not date. The shirt dress design is multifunctional and can be worn as a dress or cardigan.

So, are you looking for a nice, quality shirt? At Mr. Manchette, love and respect for the environment are incorporated throughout the entire line. As a result, you'll find shirts that are honest, ecological, and stylish—the Holy Trinity of the slow fashion world.

Moda lenta

Mr. Manchette diseña totalmente según el principio de la moda lenta. Las colecciones de temporada están disponibles dos veces al año, mientras que las camisas clásicas en blanco, azul claro y negro están disponibles todo el año. Estas colecciones de estación son atemporales, lo que significa que no se ven afectadas por el paso del tiempo. El diseño del vestido camisero es multifuncional y puede llevarse como vestido o como cárdigan.

¿Busca una camisa bonita y de calidad? En Mr. Manchette, el amor y el respeto por el medio ambiente están incorporados en toda la línea. Como resultado, encontrarás camisas honestas, ecológicas y con estilo: ¡la Santísima Trinidad del mundo de la moda lenta!

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