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Because Max needed it too

Affordable clothing for children of high quality with fun prints. For many parents, this just seems like a dream, but for Max's parents, it was a challenge. Not much later, their own children's clothing brand Maxomorra was born: affordable, high-quality and original.

Eco Max

From the very beginning of Maxomorra, the intention was to make everything as ecological and fair as possible. Now Maxomorra is one of the few Swedish brands that is GOTS certified. Every piece of clothing, from underwear to hairbands, is made from certified organic cotton. There is a small percentage of elastane in the pieces, but this is necessary to maintain elasticity.

Fair Max

Maxomorra also considers fair trade very important and therefore only works with a company that shares the same values. This company is GOTS-certified CMV Global Clothings in India. Since this factory carries this certificate, we are sure of good working conditions and fair wages. The two work hand in hand to bring the best, most affordable and most ecological brand on the market. In terms of transparency, Maxomorra still gets 90%. In terms of transport, we would have liked to have had more information.

Onesies, bottoms, skirts, dresses and so much more for the sweetest children. And it's all organic! Look below where you can find this cool brand.

Where to buy Maxomorra?


Maxomorra SS20
Maxomorra SS20 organic boy clothing stripes
Maxomorra SS20 girl clothing with cute print
COSH AW19 Maxomorra kids 3
COSH AW19 Maxomorra kids
COSH AW19 Maxomorra kids 4