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Looking for natural rubber pacifiers or drinking bottles for your baby or toddler? MAM is an Austrian brand of pacifiers, baby bottles, and teething rings. For 40 years, they have been developing environmentally-friendly baby products that are unique in design and function. Perfect for a sustainable upbringing!


MAM values the well-being of its employees and therefore has a strict code of conduct in all its production facilities. As MAM has its own production facilities in different countries, the company has a lot of control over the production and working conditions. The different production sites are located in Hungary and Thailand, while product development takes place in Austria. The code of conduct is based on the United Nations Global Compact. In addition, the production facilities are certified by Sedex, which means that the working conditions are checked by an independent organisation.

MAM is also active in volunteer and charity work. In cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society (ICMRS), various studies are carried out on early childhood health. MAM also helps with research and awareness-raising for the prevention of cot death.


All rubber (latex) baby care products from MAM have the Fair Rubber label. Fair Rubber is a German organisation that promotes fair trade and environmentally friendly rubber production. The areas where the rubber is grown and extracted are inspected every one to three years by an external organisation to ensure that the environmental and social standards of Fair Rubber are being met.

In the MAM collection, you are given the choice between a latex or silicone version for many products, for example, pacifiers. Both products meet very high quality and safety requirements. Unfortunately, silicone products are less ecological than the natural rubber variant.

All production sites are certified according to ISO quality and environmental standards (ISO 14001 and 9001). To guarantee the safety of its products, MAM has banned various materials and substances from its collection. For example, all products are BPA and BPS-free, and no PVC or heavy metals are used.

MAM also offers a calculator with which you can calculate yourself how much CO2 you emit by sterilising your baby products. The brand also offers self-sterilising nipples and baby bottles.


The use of eco-friendly rubber promotes circularity, as natural rubber (latex) is biodegradable. This is not the case with the silicone product versions, as silicone is a synthetic material. The latex version of these products is the more ecological choice.

MAM encourages customers to get to work with old pacifiers and feeding bottles. On the website, they share ideas and tips for making something new from old MAM products, giving them a second life.

Short chain

Since all MAM eco-friendly products are made at their own production sites, this gives the impression of a short supply chain. Unfortunately, these sites are spread far and wide, in Hungary and Thailand, making the chain longer after all.

However, 90% of all product parts come from Austria, and most of the production takes place in Hungary. The branches in Thailand are responsible for the production process and the processing of natural rubber.

Animal Welfare

No animal materials are used in MAM's products. Therefore, this is an animal-friendly brand.

The impact of rubber cultivation on the local environment in Thailand also remains limited. MAM complies with the conditions of the Fair Rubber label, which also stipulates a maximum for the use of pesticides and fertilisers. In addition, the label also imposes rules to help preserve biodiversity and local ecosystems.


Baby care brand MAM places great value on high-quality products. However, due to the nature of the products, their lifespan is unfortunately rather limited. For example, pacifiers or the teat of a feeding bottle may no longer be used if they show signs of damage or wear, and should be replaced regularly for hygiene reasons. The bottles themselves are made of glass or an unbreakable plastic (polypropylene) and therefore have a much longer life.

On the website, you can find various tips & tricks to take good care of your products, so that you can use them for a longer period of time.


MAM is already doing reasonably well in terms of sustainability, but it is still a step behind when it comes to transparency. Unfortunately, little information is available about the origin of the various materials, such as silicone or textiles.

Looking for the perfect organic pacifier for your little darling? Find out where you can find MAM products below.


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