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Each season, designer Nathalie Lachat tells the story of a woman living according to her own dreams and ideals. Her passion for fashion and the need to share it with other women inspired the very first Magdalena collection.


Magdalena is designed in Belgium. COSH! was, however, unable to find any information about where the clothes are produced. This prevents us from assessing whether the working conditions are good.


Magdalena unfortunately uses several kinds of unsustainable materials in their clothing. Synthetic materials such as polyester, elastane and polyamide require a lot of chemicals to be produced and release microplastics when they’re washed. Cotton, viscose and acetate are also used in the collection, however, there are more sustainable alternatives for these such as organic cotton, Ecovero and Tencel.

Several of their garments are made out of 'eco cotton'. This sounds positive, but unfortunately it is not clear whether these are really organic cotton. The lack of information makes it difficult for COSH! to assess whether this is a sustainable material.


Magdalena uses a lot of blends in their collection. That is, multiple materials are mixed in one garment. This makes the clothes difficult to recycle. Moreover, when natural materials are mixed with synthetic materials, the garment is no longer biodegradable as a whole.

Short chain

Magdalena is affiliated with I Buy Belgian. This means that the creative design process takes place in Belgium. Unfortunately, no information is known about the countries where the Magdalena collection is produced. Nothing is known about the origin of the materials and fabrics either. As a result, we cannot assess the brand's supply chain but we assume it will be a long one.

Animal welfare

The Magdalena collection contains no materials of animal origin and is therefore animal-friendly.

Slow Fashion & Longevity

The Magdalena collection is stylish and timeless. With a focus on simple lines and shapes, the designs are minimalist and geometric. The clothes are also made with an eye for quality.

Magdalena does not score well on transparency. The brand does not share information about where the clothes are produced, or where the materials come from.

Curious about Magdalena's timeless clothes? Find out where it’s sold on the map below.

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Where to buy Magdalena?


Magdalena SS22 blue sweater and pants
Magdalena SS22 white shirt and pants
Magdalena SS22 Orange cardigan
Magdalena SS22 sweater and skirt
Magdalena SS22 blue dress
Magdalena SS22 Striped dress
Magdalena SS22 pink dress