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At MADE Out Of, you'll find unique products made from recycled materials. Made locally and circular! MADE Out Of makes modern interior objects, handy office supplies, and fun bags. All products are made in the Netherlands.


The MADE Out Of collections are ethically produced in the Netherlands. Some of the products are made in its own workshop. But the brand also collaborates with several local production partners.

Products made from recycled leather, for example, are made by social enterprise Makers Lokaal, paper is processed by printing company De Bij and for wooden items, MADE Out Of works with Labworxx. The brand itself has two production workshops, in Breda and Nieuw-Beijerland, where bags and accessories are made by hand.

MADE Out Of also works with the social cooperative ONS label. Here, people with a distance to the labour market receive guidance and work experience. In this way, ONS label helps their employees move on to paid work.

MADE Out Of's parent company, the Eco Concept Group, is a member of B-corporation. This is an organization that helps companies integrate sustainable and ethical processes into the business. In this way, Eco Concept Group is committed to improving its brands and manufacturing partners in sustainable and ethical matters.


MADE Out Of uses a variety of sustainable materials in their collections. For example, all wooden interior objects are made from local waste wood. The brand also ensures full traceability, making sure the wood comes from sustainable forestry in the Netherlands.

All leather products are made from recycled leather. The leather bags and laptop sleeves are made from leather residues from the shoe and bag industry. These scraps are ground up and processed into new materials. The material is then given a coloured top layer of polyurethane.

Besides the recycled leather, MADE Out Of also uses vegan apple leather. This is an innovative alternative to leather, made from residual apple waste. It is produced in Italy and consists of 41% apple remnants. These apple scraps are combined with polyurethane to make the material sturdy and last longer.

MADE Out Of also has a collection of laptop sleeves and coasters made from recycled wool felt and Pet bottles. Both the recycled leather and the Pet felt and wool felt are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified. GRS checks the composition and production process of recycled materials. Unfortunately, the conditions for this hallmark are not very high; for example, only a minimum of 20% of the material must be recycled. MADE Out Of exceeds this, as the wool felt, for example, consists of 50% recycled wool and polyester.

MADE Out Of also creates designs with materials that are upcycled. For example, the brand makes laptop bags and backpacks from old workwear. Here, even the zippers and buttons are reused to ensure nothing goes to waste. The bags are all unique because they depend on the clothes being recycled.

The MADE Out Of collection also includes bags made from other leftover materials. For example, there are bags made from tarpaulin from bouncy castles. And awnings also get a new life in the collection.

The MADE Out Of notebooks are made from FSC-certified and recycled paper (Forest Stewardship Council). This means that the materials come from responsible forestry. This also applies to all packaging materials. And to be even more sustainable, MADE Out Of ships your order CO2 neutral!


MADE Out Of's collection is circular thanks to all the recycled materials they use. By giving residual and waste materials a new life, the brand prevents these materials from ending up in a landfill. Unfortunately, the products themselves are more difficult to recycle after use, as different materials are combined. Recycled leather and apple leather, for example, are mixed with a polyurethane coating, making the leather no longer biodegradable but keeping the product nicer for longer.

MADE Out Of holds circularity in high priority. That is why the brand offers a share, repair & recycle service. You can go there for free repairs, but you can also hand in your old MADE Out Of products in exchange for a discount on your new purchase. The brand then refurbishes the old product to donate to charity or recycles it appropriately.

The MADE Out Of notebook is also completely circular. Not only is it made of recycled paper, but you can also write in it indefinitely. In fact, the brand also sells separate paper bundles, so you can replenish your notebook when you run out of paper. This way, you can customize the notebook to your liking.

Short chain

Thanks to their workshops and production partners in the Netherlands, MADE Out Of has a short supply chain. On top of that, all materials are also sourced from Europe. This ensures that your purchase doesn't have to travel a long distance to get to you!

To minimize their ecological impact, the brand ships all orders CO2-neutral in the Netherlands.


MADE Out Of uses materials of animal origin in various products, such as leather and wool. Because the materials are recycled, the brand ensures that no animals are required directly for the production of the collections.

In addition, part of the MADE Out Of collection is completely vegan, for example, the laptop sleeves are made of apple leather. These items are even certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Slow fashion & Longevity

MADE Out Of products are modern and stylish. The brand claims to have a no-nonsense design style. The sustainable lifestyle products are made to serve as basic pieces for a long time, and are therefore developed with practical use in mind.

MADE Out Of also wants to be able to guarantee longevity for all its products. Therefore, the brand uses quality materials and production techniques. With the refill paper bundles for the LOOP notebook, for example, MADE Out Of wants to enable long-term use of your purchase. The share, repair & recycle service also serves to extend the lifespan. The brand offers free repairs on all your purchases.


All MADE Out Of products feature a transparency label with QR code that gives access to the story of the product and the underlying impact of the material. In this way, MADE Out Of offers full transparency about its products. You can easily find out where your purchase was made, by whom and from which materials.

Whether you're looking for a sustainable bag, laptop sleeve or fun interior items, you'll find it all at MADE Out Of! The minimalist coasters, candles and stationery are ethically and locally made in the Netherlands. Find out where you can buy the collection on the map below:

Where to buy MADE Out Of?


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