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Every woman loves shoes so let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful pairs at M. Moustache. There is also a large collection of men’s shoes, all just as classy and chic! The best part though is that they are trying to make their beautiful shoes as environmentally friendly as possible.

Their collection holds many different types of shoes such as derbies, boots, sandals, sneakers and more! All with a detailed and elegant finish.


Their goal is to combine beauty and quality materials. Most of their shoes are cowhide or pony leather, but the inner shoe is always made of goatskin leather. The insoles are also made of leather, but the outsoles are made of natural rubber which contains no plastics so it’s way better for the planet!

Some of the sneakers look like leather but are actually made from a 3D printed fabric. This is super cool because it’s more sustainable than using leather as it results in less material being wasted.


Most shoes are made in Portugal although their sneakers are made in China… The brand started with a shoe line called Enco[re] in cooperation with their factory in Portugal. We’re very excited to see their recycled shoes which should be launching soon! These shoes will be made from old shoes which obviously reduces their ecological footprint both by reducing waste and not using new resources.

Do your bit!

You can bring old shoes to flagships of the brand. Shoes that were made in Europe are then reworked into a new pair of shoes at the original factory. Shoes made outside of Europe are not shipped back to China but are used by local circular companies to produce insulation and playground grounds. Everything you bring in gets a second life!

In short

Chic and elegant shoes for men and women with a love of nature!

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