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Likami is a Belgian natural skincare brand suitable for everyone. 'Superfood for your skin' is how the brand refers to its products. They carefully select their natural botanical ingredients so that your skin can glow on the daily in a sustainable way.

Likami means 'body' in Icelandic and refers to the purity, strength and beauty of the land without any filters. Iceland and natural simplicity are sources of inspiration for Likami. That's why they only use plant-based ingredients and natural oils in their products that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! So your (sensitive) skin will be well hydrated, protected and restored.

Likami has skincare, body care, gift boxes and accessories like gua sha tools.

Ethical and short chain

All of their products are made in southern Spain by a small family-run business. It is done in small batches because Likami works with fresh ingredients. Aloe vera is Likami's main ingredient, which is why most products are made on site at the organic aloe vera farm.

The other ingredients also come from European soil, such as the sage, yarrow and St John's wort. Only very special ingredients that are not available elsewhere come from distant continents but Likami prefers to avoid these ingredients. The packaging is all Belgian, including the bottles, gift bags and labels.

A short supply chain, therefore! Ethical working conditions are also guaranteed thanks to the European chain and European rules.


Likami keeps the ingredient list as minimalist as possible. All products are made with certified organic ingredients and are dermatologically tested. The recipes are made with expertise, care and love, for both your skin and the planet.

They are free of parabens, mineral oil, PEG, TEA & DEA, GMO ingredients, ethoxylates, phthalates, petrolates, silicones, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, microplastics, synthetic fragrances and colours. This ensures the labels are easy to read!

So what ingredients does Likami use? Only ethically produced active plant ingredients and natural oils. A regular feature of Likami products is the Quadi GOLD complex, which is a mix of four natural bioactive organic ingredients; yarrow, sage, big burdock and St John's wort, together these ingredients have a moisturising, conditioning, protective and restorative effect.

Aloe vera is also commonly used in Likami cosmetics due its moisturising, restorative, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Macadamia oil and grape seed oil help prevent skin ageing, big burdock and sage help regulate the amount of fat produced by the sebaceous glands and hyaluronic acid helps reduce wrinkles.

If you find yourself in the shop with a Likami product in your hand, be sure to look for the following symbols on the label: * stands for 100% natural essential oils and ** stands for certified organic.

Animal welfare

Likami values animal welfare and therefore does not test any products or ingredients on animals. Although nearly all of their products are vegan, some exceptions were made for a few products. The lip balm, hand cream, deodorant and healing balm contain beeswax. No animals had to be killed to obtain this.


Likami products are packaged in recycled violet glass bottles and jars. This glass is not only recycled, but is also recyclable again. In addition, this packaging retains the concentrated active botanical formulations well. When your bottle is empty, Likami recommends you reuse it, to store spices for examples, or you dispose of it at the bottle bank.

The gift bags are made from Tyvek, a recyclable material made of synthetic polyethylene fibres. You can also reuse these bags as toiletry bags.

Likami tries to avoid packaging materials as much as possible. This is why they chose to put the list of ingredients on peel-off labels on the products themselves, and they do not use boxes, other than the gift boxes made from recycled cardboard.


Likami's style, like its ingredients, is minimalist, eco-friendly and luxurious. The products are beautifully designed and are made to simplify your skincare routine.

They are therefore universal, gender-neutral and suitable for people of all ages. By its own admission, Likami is not romantic, instead their fragrance can be described as fresh and botanical, almost oriental due to ingredients like ginger and lemongrass. It will leave your bathroom sweet smelling!

Likami's focus is on soothing and balancing the skin. The products are also moisturising and anti-inflammatory, partly due to the absence of synthetic ingredients, so you are not likely to have an allergic reaction to them. You can therefore trust this brand’s products, even if you have sensitive skin.

Likami always produces fresh and in small batches so that the ingredients are as active as possible when they touch your skin.


Likami's founders sat down with COSH! and told us about their ingredients, products, packaging and production. We think it's super cool that Likami is so open to sharing their story!

Think Likami's natural cosmetics could help you achieve balanced and hydrated skin? Then be sure to check out the brand in a shop near you, as shown on the COSH! map below!

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