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Eco kids

For those who want to immerse their child in environmentally conscious consumption from an early age, there is Liewood. A Danish brand with an eye for design and nature. Liewood products last for generations.

Liewood's clothing is mainly made of natural materials, such as organic cotton. For the knitwear, the brand uses Oeko Tex certified wool and Merino wool. Almost all garments are made mono-material, which makes a large part of their collections easier to recycle. Liewood kids crockery and toys are invariably made of bamboo. There is a use of less ecological materials such as Nylon and Spandex in the swimming trunks, but on top of the Oeko Tex 1 certificate that shows that no harmful chemicals are used, Liewood is extra ISO certified. This guarantees the quality and the longer lifespan. For example, the swimming material can still be used by the second, third or fourth child.


The textile and stitching work comes from a GOTS-certified manufacturer in India. There, the garments are produced under strict control and regulations. Liewood considers good working conditions and a fair wage to be extremely important. That's why the brand itself checks every step of the production process. In this way, they don't lose sight of anything and the production runs in the best and fairest way. What we do not know is the name of the factory; COSH! would like to see a little more transparency about this.

Cute but modern durable accessories and clothing for kids.


Liewood COSH Playful Bathrobe in organic cotton
Liewood COSH Aiko Bamboo Set Tableware LW12818 2250 Dark rose 8c5b4d5a 372f 488e b408 2d6c75f4026f
Liewood COSH Olly Pyjamas Set Sleepwear LW12770 0240 Dino mix 2
Liewood COSH kids hat with Rabbit ears grey
Liewood COSH Danish Bamboo Tableware Box Set Tableware LW12393 0240 Dino mix 1 227f47de 6a4f 41de be8a c5e2951dc8fd
Liewood COSH kids hat with Rabbit ears ecru
Liewood COSH boy Max Swim jumpsuit Swimwear LW12817 0240 Dino mix 552bb5cc 4f3c 4d5f 9f7a de4200dc23cc
Liewood COSH Amara swimsuit Swimwear LW12669 0046 Classic dot rusty
COSH Liewood wooden Rattle Toy and organic cotton

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