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IWAS is a non-profit upcycling platform that transforms waste into fun objects. By doing so, they want to reduce the amount of waste and make communities stronger. All profits of the platform go to the creation of sustainable employment and the expansion of upcycling communities.

Looking for an original, sustainable gift? At IWAS you will find numerous circular gift ideas. From glasses and scented candles to backpacks and shoppers and other accessories, each with its own story.


For the production of the IWAS products, the platform cooperates with three loyal partners in Asia: Sapu upcycle and XS project in Indonesia and MESO design in India. These organisations want to fight social problems and improve the living conditions of local communities. This is done through employment and education.

The partners train local, unemployed inhabitants to make the IWAS products. IWAS then creates constant employment and helps to break the poverty cycle. The final goal? A better and greener future for local communities.

Every partner focuses on upcycling certain materials. MESO design produces glasses and candles from glass bottles, XS Project reworks plastic waste into cool bags and SAPU upcycling processes rubber tyres and tent fabrics into backpacks and wallets.


IWAS is the epitome of a circular economy. All products are made of upcycled materials. This way no new raw materials have to be used and the waste mountain is reduced.

The nice thing about this is that every object has its own story. At IWAS you find glasses that were once wine bottles, shoppers made of upcycled billboards, backpacks made of used army tents and wallets made of rally tyres. And last but not least: at a very accessible price.

Personal gifts

Are you looking for a sustainable business gift or original promotional material for your company? IWAS is flexible and can also make personalised gifts. For this they work together with a Belgian custom-made company.

IWAS was founded by dreamers with a passion for entrepreneurship and social commitment. Does this fit perfectly with the philosophy of your company or organisation? Then do not wait any longer. Contact IWAS and discover what they can do for you.

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