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Denim dreams

Britney and Justin already did it in 2001, fifteen years later Façon Jacmin makes it a trend again. Denim on denim is hot again!

Façon Jacmin

The Belgian twins Ségolène and Alexandra Jacmin founded the jeans brand in 2016. They do this out of love for fashion and Japanese culture.
The masculine in jeans appealed to the sisters and that immediately set the tone for the brand. Timeless garments in Japanese denim that give you a tough and elegant look at the same time.


Façon Jacmin works with Japanese denim, a high quality type of jeans. That's because they weave the fabric very tightly and make the jeans stronger, which is what the special machines in Japan are responsible for. In the 1940s, America wanted to produce their denim faster and easier. To do so, they needed other machines and sold the current ones to Japanese manufacturers. Today the Japanes manufacturers are already working with newer models in Japan, but the quality is maintained.

They colour the denim with indigo, but none of it ends up in the river. The Japanese manufacturers have a very modern water purification system that prevents contamination of the water. So whether they colour the jeans with natural or synthetic indigo, it won't make any difference to the environment. Because all dyes are in a closed loop process and no polluted water is discharged by the factory.

Façon Jacmin's clothing is of all times and does not wash off. In this way, every garment retains its full glory after every wash. From this season on, the jeans brand will be producing organic cotton for the first time with GOTS. Initially, the collections will consist of 25% organic cotton, which they want to increase to 100% in the long run. Another step in the right direction! And do you have old jeans?
Be sure to bring them to Façon Jacmin! With the new upcycling concept, the brand not only wants to make fun accessories, but also to replace their paper bags and packaging with.

Ethical jeans?

The Japanese factory that makes the denim is very respectful of its employees. According to Façon Jacmin, this is something that is typical of Japanese culture. 10% of their collection, especially the shirts, consists of Italian jeans.
The making of the garments themselves is done in a small family business in Bulgaria.


Get on that denim train and shop your timeless garment at Façon Jacmin!

Where to buy Façon Jacmin?


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