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Southern Simplicity

Minimalist in his Spanish. Huh? What's that? That's simple, comfortable clothing in warm and soft colours. CUS Barcelona designs clothes for the down-to-earth person who sees the planet as his/her best friend.


The garments of the CUS Viva collection are made of materials that are GOTS certified, such as organic cotton. In the regular collection of CUS some pieces contain a blend of Tencel with BCI cotton. This stands for Better Cotton Initiative and can only be 50% sure of sustainable cotton. Where the other 50% comes from is not known. Meanwhile, CUS is looking to completely switch to organic cotton. Other materials used by the brand are linen, hemp, wool, recycled cotton and recycled wool. The clothing is printed in Barcelona and the Jacquards are produced in Italy. In the clothing of this brand, you won't find any zippers, only buttons. It does this to avoid the use of polyester. CUS is now looking at the recommendations of COSH! for polyester free and vegan reinforcing adhesive interlining. We're curious about the future!

Cus likes to work with 'garment dye', this means that everything in white cotton fabric is first cut and stitched before being divided into lots to be dyed. In this way, it will overproduce fewer fabrics in each colour and the brand will have more impact on the dyeing process. The ink used to dye the clothing is not oil-based but is made from agricultural and green industry waste, such as leaves and nuts. Finally, CUS keeps its carbon footprint as low as possible by keeping the supply chain very short and producing as locally as possible.


All garments are made in Barcelona, where the employees live under good working conditions and receive a fair wage. Women who are socially disadvantaged work there, because of CUS they get the chance to work, learn from it and earn money.


Some of the garments in the collections are made of mono-material and are therefore easy to recycle. Another plus!


Do you like to go for casual/boho-chic? Then CUS Barcelona is the clothing brand for you! See below where you can find CUS.

Where to buy Cus?


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