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Annelies Bruneel master in co-creating

Belgian haute couture

No dress or suit for your daughter's wedding yet? Visit Annelies Bruneel. Clothing made with love for the centuries-old craft.

Nice to meet you, Annelies Bruneel

On a special occasion you still want to feel good in your skin. You want to make a good impression and not be bothered with folds in the wrong places. This Belgian designer creates unique tailor-made garments one by one. She does this together with the client according to the co-creating principle. Annelies is responsible for the design and the customer for the feeling.


The materials that Annelies uses to make her garments are cotton, organic cotton, flax, viscose, hemp, wool and silk. There are no synthetic fabrics. Annelies wants quality with respect for the planet.

The fabrics she uses are sourced from producers in the Benelux, France and Germany. Western European fabrics already have a lower ecological footprint, because they have to comply with the environmental requirements of European legislation. But whether it is completely ecological is something we want to investigate further on our next visit to Brussels.

People friendly?

All garments are made by Annelies Bruneel. The designer is a real philanthropist. She takes her time with her clients and listens to their stories. This way she can make the outfit for each customer that is meant for his or her body. But her charitywork doesn't stop there, because for every piece she sells, Annelies donates a part of the profit to a good cause.


Annelies uses Post-consumer fabrics and tries to make everything mono-material. In this way, each piece of clothing can be taken apart to create something new from it.


Clothing that feels like a second skin, that's what you'll find at Annelies Bruneel! Can't get enough of inspiring quotes or poetry? Annelies provides. So be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Or take a look at her site and read the fascinating Kleermakerszit.

Where to buy Annelies Bruneel?


Annelies bruneel
Annelies bruneel Tysje Severens AB nr31 Brussels kleermaker en omdenken
Annelies Bruneel duurzaam zonderkader
Annelies bruneel Tysje Severens AB nr2 Brussels kleermaker en omdenken
Annelies bruneel Tysje Severens AB nr12 Brussels kleermaker en omdenken
Annelies Bruneel Tysje Severens AB nr26 Brussels kleermaker en omdenken
Annelies Bruneel Tysje Severens AB nr40 Brussels kleermaker en omdenken