Where did it all start

Who is Niki de Schryver

I, Niki de Schryver, Bachelor of Fashion Technology and Founder of COSH am driven to make a change in the second most polluting industry in the world.

With 12 years of experience as a supply chain and strategic consultant in luxury fashion and with 6 years of omnichannel e-commerce and retail experience, I have two very powerful foundations to build COSH on.

Driven by a passion for transparency and honesty

My passion for innovative business models and sustainability started 8 years ago at the Vlerick Young Management Programme. Commissioned by my previous employer, Antwerp designer Bruno Pieters, I developed and researched all necessary steps to make a fashion brand as ecological and sustainable as possible.

As added value, I came up with the transparency model. As such HonestBy, 's worlds first 100% transparant fashion label was born.

This meant that the entire Honestby production supply chain as well as the cost structure of the clothing was made available to the consumer in a very transparent way. The transparency model of direct and indirect costs, materials' origin and production facilities was a daring move, which was praised by many national and international business publications, such as new The New York Times and The Financial Times.

More and more companies are adopting the transparent business model. The latest being G-star and the new H&M retail chain Arket that applying the same business strategy.

With my work for HonestBy I can say that I have helped to make an impact on the entire fashion industry. Because of this, many fashion brands were stimulated to become more transparent about their production steps. After warming up the fashion brands for the making their supply chain transparent, a second impactful step such as 'COSH' is needed to put more rewarding pressure on the industry: Consumers must, through their purchasing behaviour, increase the demand and as such the supply of sustainable fashion.

COSH reminds a shopper of his own wish to opt for sustainable clothing and thus to improve the overall purchasing behaviour and have a positive impact on consumer behavior.

Progressing the fashion industry from within


With relevant experience both in retail, e-commerce, marketing and supply chain, I have seen first hand how much brands and several retailers struggle to make ends meet. I consult and actively help brands and retailers on switching to sustainable supply chains or ranges and how to transparently communicate sustainability information. With the entire COSH! team we can offer workshops and advise on all aspects os sustainable fashion business.

Further more in 5 x 2 hour coaching sessions, I am able to advise and guide SME's in much more sustainable production methods and direct them to new sustainable suppliers and build long lasting relationships. For larger retailers with complex supply chains we are partnering with a sustainable procurement specialist.