Where did it all start?

Who is Niki de Schryver?


I am Niki de Schryver, founder of COSH!

As a Bachelor of Fashion Technology, I am incredibly driven to change the fashion industry. Did you know that fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world? Time for a change!

And I know what I'm talking about. My 12 years of experience as a production manager and strategic consultant for fashion brands ànd the 7 years of omnichannel e-commerce and retail experience are two very powerful foundations to build-up COSH!

Driven by a passion for transparency and honesty

My passion for innovative business models and sustainability started with the Vlerick Young Management Programme, about 8 years ago.

Then I researched and developed - on behalf of Antwerp fashion designer bruno Pieters - all the steps needed to create a fashion brand that was as ecological and sustainable as possible. But I did more than that: I came up with the transparency model. HonestBy became the world's first 100% transparent fashion brand.

How did the transparency model work?

Well, there was complete transparency in the cost structure of the clothes. Every single consumer was able to view that information. All direct and indirect costs, the origin of materials and the production facilities were communicated. A bold move, but one that was praised by many national and international newspapers and magazines, such as The New York Times and The Financial Times.

I want to change the industry from the bottom up and from the inside out

Consultancy services

I know how difficult (sustainable) brands and retailers sometimes struggle to make ends meet. How little is left when you have paid the rent, paid your staff or bought clothes. I gained that experience myself in retail, e-commerce, marketing and production chains.

And I also understand that there is not much time left to look for sustainable raw materials or sustainable brands. As a shopkeeper, you certainly don't have time to write extensive sustainability reports about the brands you sell.

Now I advise beginning brands. I help them to provide transparent and correct information and to make the right sustainability choices. And the sustainability reports? At COSH! we create them for you.

Do you own a shop or a brand, but you want to be more sustainable? I can advise you in 5 x 2 coaching sessions, guide you and refer you to new sustainable suppliers.

For large retailers with complex supply chains, I like to work with a sustainable purchasing specialist.

Do you have a question? Send me an e-mail via this contact form.