Victoria Onken:

'I knew the only way I could start to make a difference was to live differently and make conscious choices. '

Sustainability became an important part of my life after giving birth to my daughter. To be honest, I hadn’t really given it much thought before that. Fashion has always been an important part of my life but sustainability…. well, not so much. With the arrival of my daughter, I got to think more and more about the origins of my clothes, the ecology and the toxic impact of fashion on our planet. For the first time ever I was worried about the kind of world we were leaving behind for my little girl.

I knew the only way I could start to make a difference was to live differently and make conscious choices about the impact of products that I bought on the environment. I wanted to share my journey with the others and that’s how my blog,, was born.

Although on my blog I am fully focused on the fashion side of sustainability, in my personal life I can’t help but gain a lot of sustainable and mindful habits. From valuing quality over quantity; collecting experiences and not things, to eating less meat or getting involved in socially conscious projects. I don’t think you can just isolate one subject without it slowly seeping into other aspects of your life. I do not, however, think that you must be a vegan yogi to appreciate sustainable fashion. I think it’s one of the biggest misconceptions people have about sustainable fashion enthusiasts: it’s all or nothing.

I believe that technology is the future of sustainability. We need to learn so much: how to recycle better, how to produce without such an impact on the environment. Robotics will substitute unethical labor. 3D printed garments & smart fabrics that change color and shape are already in development.

That’s why, to me, it’s so crucial to support initiatives like COSH!
The biggest complaint I hear (and encounter myself) is that it’s so hard to find sustainable clothes on the high-street and how much time and effort it takes. Well, there’s an app that does all the legwork for you: COSH! I truly believe that if we invest in technological development now, we’ll benefit later and that’s why I’m truly excited about this app.

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