Like many, we love change. However, we all find it difficult to change ourselves. Also we, Ellen & Nikolas, and our two children, Jules & Arthur, are struggling with this.

Since a few years we try to live as sustainable as possible with our family. Food, transport, energy, household, cosmetics, travel, waste, housing and of course clothing. We want to do our bit in all areas. Without compromising on comfort.

We don't want to stop with our own family. We want to use our energy to help others as well. Contribute to society. Make a positive impact. To inspire as many people as possible.

In early 2018, we launched Sustainable Family at Instagram. You can also visit the website for more ideas, fun (cooking) workshops, an overnight stay in our Tinyhouse, online yoga classes (because self-care is also sustainability) or products with which we reduce our footprint.

In our book The Sustainable Family you can read how we experience this journey and which steps we apply. Apply tips you feel comfortable with and be especially gentle with yourself.

"We don't need a few people who do everything perfectly. With millions of people integrating small steps, we'll get a long way".

With Cosh you can take those small steps, the platform helps you in your search for sustainable fashion!

Hopefully you too will find the inspiration to take that one step.