'COSH! is like your mum: full with knowledge and always right.'

You may know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. You also may know how bad fashion industry workers are being treated. I hope I don’t tell anything new. For me, a couple of years ago, these facts were new to me. I used to shop at fast fashion brands. I didn’t buy a lot, but still, I did buy my clothes from those brands. But these facts opened up my eyes: from now on I couldn’t buy fast fashion anymore.

I began my journey towards a more sustainable closet together with my sister Romy. Our platform ( was born. Now I live as sustainable as possible. Via my Instagram account @lindseygoodforI like to inspire others in making their lives a little more sustainable.

I understand how hard it can be when you start with a conscious way of shopping. A lot of brands ‘greenwashing’ their products: making it more sustainable than it really is. As a consumer it’s hard to make the right decision. That’s why I like COSH! so much. This platform makes shopping a lot easier. It shows you how sustainable a brand is - whether if you’re in a shopping mall or online. COSH! is like your mum: full with knowledge and always right. Your conscious closet starts with COSH!

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