Anne's story is pretty atypical. Before she started her own company, she worked for years with her husband for a company that produced plastic packaging for games and DVDs. Coincidentally she saw the documentary 'Plastic Planet' by Werner Boote that changed her life drastically.

The documentary had a huge impact on her and she didn't stop at it. Werner Boote did give the scientific evidence that plastics are slowly but surely poisoning the world, he didn't give a solution.

A round of 'Googling' brought her to the Zero Waste Lifestyle. Anno 2013 Anne hadn't heard of this term yet, but she felt a click... that was her new life motto!

Anne started with the zero waste lifestyle and got a taste for reducing her ecological footprint in other areas as well, such as making her own ecological cleaning and care products. The wardrobe was also scrutinized and that was the hardest step for Anne. She likes to use the Cosh platform when she goes shopping for herself or with her daughters. When she goes shopping she keeps the motto of rebel fashion queen Vivienne Westwood in mind: "Buy less, choose well, make it last."

She also preferred a plant-based diet and took her steps on all fronts, but without sacrificing style and comfort. That's why the title 'Ecology in high heels' came up. It covered the charge for 'sustainable is the new normal' and Anne turned her lifestyle into her job. She has now written two books: Ecology in high heels (2017) and Eco-lifestyle. Let's get to work! (2019). In her second book, Cosh Eco was also cited as a sustainable tip for an ecologically and ethically responsible wardrobe.

As a signboard of her books, the eponymous website and the many workshops she gives, 'Anne Drake' has also become a kind of brand. This year her first Zero Waste Cosmetics line will be released.

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