"Love yourself and the earth."

Radio and television presenter and ergonomics expert Evy Gruyaert is known for her health programmes Start2Run and Yoga met Evy.

As ambassador of the sustainable 'Green Sleep' mattresses of Ergodôme, she also has a link with sustainable textiles!

It was a great honour to get to know her at Faktory Infini. We talked about the latest new sustainable Yoga brands, such as Pure by Luce and Yoga by Julz.

We agree, you can't buy everything sustainably, but if you can choose, consider the sustainable option!

A sustainable lifestyle is about making choices, one day it works perfectly and other days we have to be mild to ourselves and not want to change everything at once.

Do you also want to make more sustainable choices for your body? Try the ergonomic exercises of Yoga with Evy on daily basis or consider the 100% biological mattresses of Greensleep which improve your sleep ergonomics.

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