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I, Bie Noe, Believe in COSH!

I started my journey in sustainable fashion 6 years ago. The evolution in awareness I have seen is amazing. The whole sustainable fashion scene is growing both in demand and offer. More and more people are curious about sustainable fashion. This is why I founded B.right 2,5 years ago.

I want to inspire people to discover what sustainable fashion means and especially what it can mean for them. This way, they do not only discover brands but they can make it into their own story. I have taken hundreds of people curious to shift to sustainable purchases on tours, workshops and lectures. They are willing to engage in shopping more consciously. One of the challenges to do so, is brand transparency and easy access to this new generation of clothes.

Not easy as the market is young and evolving. This is why I really believe in COSH!. It will facilitate this search, based on the needs of the consumers.

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