Alexandra van der Zee:

'Take a little break to reflect on your habits.'

Hi there fashion changer! I am Alexandra, the founder behind My slow world, a platform about sustainable fashion and slow living. My platforms are represented on my blog ( as also on my Instagram (@myslowworld). I believe that in our modern society we are always rushing from one thing to another, always wanting more and more. I believe that this rush, this acceleration doesn’t make us nor the rest of the world happy. We are demanding the most from the planet and from the people that make our clothes. We cannot keep up with the rhythm, it’s too intense, for everyone. That’s why I want you to pause. Take a little break to reflect on your habits.

We have been hearing from disasters in the fashion industry for quite a while now, but where’s the revolution we need? It starts with us. We have to make better choices, more sustainable and fair choices. But what are those choices? Via my blog I am shedding light on how to do better in your personal life. I am showing you my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle. I believe that small steps matter too and we should motivate ourselves to do better everyday. This might sound impossible, but it isn’t, trust me! It’s so much more fun and you’ll be very proud of the choices you make. The clothes that are fairly made are much more fun to wear and you’ll be content with them for a longer time. There’s no need to exchange your whole wardrobe for a new one after a few weeks. And even when you don’t do this in this extreme form, there’s still no need to go shopping every week or to buy unethical products.

That’s why I am so happy about COSH! Via this platform, you will be informed about the choices you are planning to make. Whether this is online or in the streets, this application will help you do better. Sustainable shopping seems so difficult, because there are so many things to take into account, but actually, it shouldn’t be. Shopping is fun, at least for the majority of us, so let’s keep it that way. Let’s improve it even, because it should be fun for everyone, for the garment workers, for Mother Nature and for the animals. We have to make a fashion revolution happen. Thanks to COSH! we can make that change.

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