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Elena de Frutos Novias

For your wedding or for special events, let yourself be surprised by Elena's excellence! The Elena de Frutos atelier is dedicated to sustainable haute couture. The designer's 28 years of experience ensure that you will receive a unique and exclusive garment, tailor-made for you with sustainable or circular materials.

Elena de Frutos makes her creations from the ground up. Starting with the design phase, followed by the pattern making and tailoring of the garment, Elena creates unique products, taking into account the tastes and needs of each individual. No two pieces are the same!

She also pays special attention to the materials. For example, she uses only non-violent silk for her garments. Non-violent silk is derived from a process where no animal suffers or dies for the sake of fashion. So that special occasions are symbols of metamorphosis, not suffering.

Elena is also a supporter of circularity in garments: want to wear a dress belonging to a relative for your wedding? Thanks to Elena you can transform an old garment and give it a new life!

Visit her online shop or make an appointment to visit the atelier. 

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Elena de Frutos Novias
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