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Shopping in a Piet Mondriaan way

At the entrance of the "Local Store" café in the Everdijstraat behind a small door on the left you will find An Buermans flagship store. A small, but nice place where the timeless creations of the Belgian designer are displayed. Buermans' love for symmetry is reflected in every aspect of the shop. From the floor tiles to the ceiling, not a single curved line can be seen. You imagine yourself in a painting by Piet Mondriaan. White and black with here and there a bright color that catches your eye.

An Buermans always starts from one colour palette for her own collections. Combine that with her weakness for stripes and symmetrical shapes and you come to beautiful timeless creations. The other designer brands that are sold in the shop are within An's area of interest. There are gilets by Jane K, who Buermans chose for their quality. Handbags made of Italian leather by Ellen Truijen, slip-ons from 05-05 and tableware from the exclusive Ghesq.

For whom?

For An it is very important that everyone feels good in her clothes. "I make clothes for every woman regardless of her age." Stylish, but with an edgy side, An Buermans and her flagship can't be described any better.

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Our brands

An Buermans
Ethically Made
Ethically Made in Europe
Circular Upcycled Pre consumer textile
Circular Upcycled Materials
Short Supply Chain Made in Benelux
Short Supply Chain Made in Western Europe
Slow Fashion Seasonless
Transparency 25%
Ik Koop Belgisch
05-05 shoes
Ethically or handmade by artisans
Short Supply Chain Made in Western Europe
Slow Fashion Seasonless
Transparency 25%
Ik Koop Belgisch

Opening hours

Wednesday11:00 - 18:00
Thursday11:00 - 18:00
Friday11:00 - 18:00
Saturday11:00 - 18:00
Sunday1st Sunday of the month | 11:00 - 16:00
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An Buermans printed graphic dress belgian fashion
Brands Maastricht Ellen Truijen COSH 3
Brands Maastricht Ellen Truijen COSH 2 B
An Buermans knitted red dress Belgian fashion
Brand Antwerpen 05 05shoes COSH5
An Buermans knitted top Knitted in Belgium COSH
Brands Maastricht Ellen Truijen COSH 5 B
An Buermans JEANE square A 2048x2048
Brand Antwerpen 05 05shoes COSH2
An Buermans Knitted dress COSH
Brands Maastricht Ellen Truijen COSH 4 B
Brand Antwerpen 05 05shoes COSH6
An Buermans COSH Slow fashion made in Belgium
An Buermans knitted dress amde in Belgium
An Buermands knitted black top
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Phone: +32 (0)484 14 30 25

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