We are the platform for conscious shoppers to find sustainable fashion at local retailers.

How does COSH! help conscious consumers find retailers?


COSH! shares the same values as ETHICAL TIME, that's we decided to join forces and create a paradigm shift in the fashion industry together.

Founder Ignasi Eiriz


I joined the COSH! platform, it increases the visibility of my brand to consumers and retailers in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

CSFW Madrid

Circular Fashion Week Madrid and COSH! are joining forces under the European Fashion for Change accelerator. Through the partnership both our communities can benefit from each other's services.

Founder Paloma G. López

Join the COSH! community of 500+ sustainable and holistic fashion entrepreneurs and reach 30,000+ monthly users.

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Join us and let's change the face of fashion together!

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How long does an onboarding take?

After a positive intake conversation, we can set up your retailer page in less than 5 working days.


What if my store not sustainable (enough) yet?

Don't worry! We at COSH! can help you transition into a sustainable store. Just book a meeting with us, we are happy to guide you.

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