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Looking for a sustainable alternative to disposable diapers? Then check out the Popolini range! Popolini is an Austrian family business. They produce cloth diapers, sustainable baby and children's clothing and household textiles. For more than 30 years they’ve offered a sustainable alternative for parents.


Popolini chooses to manufacture its products entirely in Europe. To accomplish this they’ve partnered up with a manufacturer in Hungary. Because the production takes place in Europe, the manufacturer must comply with the labour laws imposed by the European Union. The GOTS label also monitors the working conditions at the manufacturer.


All cotton and wool used in the Popolini collection is organic. These materials have the GOTS certificate, which guarantees that organic materials are used and there are no harmful chemicals in the product.

Popolini also has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate. This certificate prohibits the presence of harmful substances in a product. Popolini scores in the highest class, intended for baby and children's textiles.


Many products in the Popolini collection are made of 100% organic cotton. These products are biodegradable. This also applies to all other products made entirely from vegetable fibres. These products contribute to the circularity of the Popolini collection.

Products that are (partly) made of synthetic materials such as polyester are not biodegradable. This is the case with some diaper covers made of polyester with a polyurethane coating. Popolini also has a more ecological version of this product, made of organic wool.

On each product page, you can find out which materials it is made of. This way you can check if your purchase is made of a natural material, like cotton, wool, and silk, or synthetic materials, like polyester and polypropylene.

Short chain

Because Popolini’s production takes place entirely in Europe, this shortens the distance a product has to travel before it reaches you. The Popolini head office is located in Vienna, Austria. The production is done by their regular manufacturer in neighboring Hungary. This way not only the distance the product travels but also the number of links in the supply chain is reduced.

Moreover, this production site helps to create jobs in Europe. Popolini took over the production site after another textile manufacturer left the region to relocate to Asia. Popolini was thus able to offer all the affected workers a new job at their production site.

Animal Welfare

Various materials of animal origin are used in the Popolini collection. However, Popolini is committed to animal welfare, for example by using organic sheep and merino wool. On their website, it is also mentioned that this wool comes from natural and respectful cattle breeding.

Bourette silk is used in several products. This is an animal-friendly silk variant that is made from the remnants of the cocoon from which the butterfly was born.


Popolini products are made to last. Popolini offers sustainable alternatives to disposable baby products. That's why they focus on quality and durable materials.

On the Popolini website, you will find care tips for each product. These tips help you to take good care of the product so you can use them longer. You can also discover the different diaper systems by renting a test kit. This way you can test the different washable diapers and make the best choice.


Popolini is very transparent about the production location of their collection. Also, their obtained certificates are mentioned on the website. Unfortunately, there is less information known about the origin of the fabrics.

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