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Lovely Odile

Feeling feminine is best done in wax fabric, especially when it comes to traditional African wax prints. Odile Jacobs is of the same principle and brings Western clothing together with her Congolese roots. Dresses, skirts, and jackets with the most beautiful and colorful African prints.

Nice to meet you, Odile Jacobs

Born and raised in Belgium with parents from Congo, Odile had a lot of background from the first years of her life. Her mother started her own fabric business after the divorce from Odile's father. She traded wax fabrics between Brussels and Kinshasa and passed on the microbe to her daughter. However, Odile did not immediately go to work as a designer and started working life as a midwife. In 2016, she was no longer able to suppress the urge to create and started her own label. With her clothing brand, she wants to bring together femininity and the beauty of nature. And for that, there is no better fabric than wax print.

Eco & Fair?

In the beginning, Odile worked with fabrics that she sold on local markets in Ghana. Due to a lack of transparency about the origin of the cotton or the inks used, Odile switched to the well-known Vlisco fabrics. This Dutch company uses cotton from Asia and Africa, but spins weave and wax prints everything in the Netherlands and then sends it back to Africa. This results in extra kilometers that we think can be avoided. That is why we are looking forward to other real Batik fabrics together with Odile.

The production takes place in Ghana at one tailor. Odile provides this person with a steady income and also built a safe accommodation at the workplace. Maybe this is the start of a growing commitment to boost employment in the neighborhood.

Unique clothing for cheerful women, that's what Odile Jacobs wants to create with her brand. Look below where you can buy this brand.

Where to buy Odile Jacobs?