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An explosion of prints and colours is what Logocomo is all about. The Logocomo collection is full of bright colours and patterns and is also gender-neutral. So everyone can discover the unique designs! All materials used by Logocomo are recycled and thus get a new life thanks to this brand.


The collection is designed and produced in Logocomo's own studio, in Rotterdam. In busy periods, Logocomo gets help from volunteers from the Clothing Bank to assist with production. This way, you can be sure that your purchase is made locally, in ethical working conditions and arrives on time.

Logocomo collaborates with the Clothing Bank in several ways, by the way. The people who model for the photo shoots work as volunteers at the Clothing Bank. Logocomo also collaborates with the Clothing Bank to give clothes that cannot be sold a second life.


Logocomo uses almost solely recycled materials in their collections. The Clothing Bank collection consists of designs made from surpluses from the Clothing Bank. These surpluses are garments that cannot be sold because they are damaged or outdated. In addition, Logocomo also uses deadstock materials. Deadstock are stock surpluses created by overproduction or bankruptcies of fashion and textile companies. Logocomo gives these fabric surpluses a new life.

The Phantom Pain and Danny X collections are collaborations with Studio Kling. These collections are made from Tencel viscose and recycled polyester. These are both sustainable materials; Tencel is a viscose made by Lenzing. This company developed a closed-loop production system where no chemicals are released into the environment. Lenzing also guarantees that the wood pulp comes from sustainable forestry.

The recycled polyester is made from used Pet bottles. The material is GRS-certified (Global Recycled Standard), this shows that at least 20% of the material is recycled. Unfortunately, recycled polyester is still a synthetic material. Synthetic materials shed microplastics during washing. This is why Logocomo recommends always using a GuppyFriend. This is a laundry bag that collects microplastics.

The materials are printed with GOTS-certified inks (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS controls the use of chemicals, thanks to this certificate you can be sure the clothes are completely safe.


Logocomo works in a very circular way. The brand mainly uses recycled materials in their products. In this way, Logocomo helps to combat the global textile waste problem. For example, one of Logocomo's recognizable designs is a tailored suit made from old ties.

Unfortunately, Logocomo's garments themselves are not always easy to recycle. The brand is committed to using as many natural materials as possible, but because they work with deadstock and old clothes, this is difficult. When different materials are blended together in a garment, the clothes are difficult to recycle after use.

Short chain

Logocomo has a very short production chain. All materials are sourced from Europe. The brand collaborates with the Dutch Clothing Bank and produces locally in their own workshop in Rotterdam. Moreover, the clothes are mainly sold in the Netherlands so they do not have to travel long distances.


Logocomo does use materials of animal origin, such as wool and silk. However, these materials do not come directly from the animal, but from reclaimed clothing. This way, no animal harm is needed to make the Logocomo products, making the collection more animal-friendly.

Slow fashion & Longevity

With their unique and graphic designs, Logocomo's garments are timeless. The colourful whirlwind of gender-neutral jackets, trousers and dresses will add a colourful touch to your wardrobe!

Logocomo always works with high-quality materials to give their products a longer lifespan. In addition, the brand also gives tips on how to take care of your garment. With the maintenance tips, Logocomo wants to advise consumers to take the environment into account. This can be done, for example, by washing clothes at lower temperatures or using a GuppyFriend laundry bag.

It is also possible to have a garment customized at Logocomo. In consultation with you, the brand will then design a unique garment that fits perfectly!

To avoid overstock, Logocomo works with a pre-order system for their "fantoompijn" collection. This means that the garment is only made after you have ordered it.


Logocomo shares a lot of information on the product page of each garment. You can also read about the process in their workshop and the collaboration they have with the Clothing Bank. For some garments, you can even find the full true-cost calculation. So you can see how long they work on a garment and how much it costs. This is why Logocomo gets the top score for transparency from COSH!

Curious about Logocomo's unique designs and colourful prints? Find out where you can discover the collection on the map below:

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