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If you like feminine and expressive clothing, Elements of Freedom is definitely a fun brand for you to look into! This brand has beautiful blouses, elegant dresses, chic trousers, warm sweaters, and jackets, so you can go here for a complete outfit.

Audrey Nuchelmans founded the brand to create a wardrobe for women where they could fully express themselves. Therefore, you will find the most beautiful, colorful motifs, and everything is made in an ethical and ecological way. Unique, high quality, and timeless, so you can enjoy your clothes from Elements of Freedom for a long time!

Ethics and supply chain

Almost all products from the collections are ethically produced in Europe, in Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands. Only a few knitwear/wool products come from Mongolia because they haven't found a better alternative here yet, but even there the production is under German control.

The Elements of Freedom team visits the production sites several times a year and sets fair working conditions first. Therefore, they sometimes use materials with a certificate that includes ethical conditions in the assessment, such as the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

Because of this European production, they have to comply with strict European labor regulations and a short supply chain is also guaranteed. The transport distances are short which keeps the CO2 emissions relatively low.


Elements of Freedom works with natural and recycled materials as much as possible. With their suppliers, they are constantly looking at how to improve the materials. The brand uses only comfortable, quality fabrics. Some buttons are also made of recycled steel.

All garments that you need to wash often, such as tops or pants, are made from natural materials, such as (GOTS or BCI certified) cotton, recycled cotton, or Ecovero viscose (from wood pulp, made in a closed process). These are processed with as few chemicals as possible and do not release microplastics when washed.

Coats and vests need to be washed less often and are made with wool and/or (GRS certified recycled or regular non-certified) polyester. This addition of polyester extends the life of the product and because these products do not need to be washed often, not many microplastics will be released into the environment through the wash.

Animal Welfare

The brand is not completely vegan because they use animal-derived materials for some products but among Elements of Freedom's large selection, even a vegan is guaranteed to find something nice!

The wool is used in jackets and sweaters and cowhide for belts. The wool is either responsible wool from Mongolia or merino wool from New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and South Africa. The belts are made of ecologically tanned leather from German cows, where fewer chemicals are used in the tanning process.

Circular Economy

Elements of Freedom is increasing its share of recycled fabrics, currently, 30% of the collection is made of components that are partially or fully recycled. They aim to get this percentage to 35% by 2023. The other materials they use are sustainable and biodegradable so they won't be harmful if it ends up in nature.

In addition, the clothing is designed to last and be recyclable afterwards. When a garment is at the end of its cycle, Elements of Freedom makes sure that the garment or material can be used in a new way. If you can't find a good use for it yourself, you can return it to Elements of Freedom itself.

Slow fashion

Elements of Freedom's collections are designed with love and care in Amsterdam. The perfect fits and beautiful patterns are carefully designed and developed so you can wear them with joy for many years. Elements of Freedom has modern clothing, without following all the trends, so it is "timeless with the times", in their own words.


In terms of transparency, Elements of Freedom can still grow. They told COSH! which countries they currently produce in but they don't communicate much about this to their consumers directly. At COSH! we like even more transparency with supplier data to check, so we can verify the above claims.

In short, if you are looking for a new, sustainable and romantic outfit, you should definitely consider the Dutch brand Elements of Freedom! Check out the map below to see where you can purchase clothes from the brand in your area.

Where to buy Elements Of Freedom?