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Swedish denim brand Dr Denim has been making jeans, shirts and jumpers since 2004. The brand has a men and women's collection.


Dr Denim is a member of Amfori and incorporated the Amfori (BSCI) code of conduct into its own code of conduct. The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an initiative of companies committed to improving working conditions throughout their global supply chain. BSCI provides a common code of conduct and roadmap to companies applicable to all sectors and producing countries. Using this code of conduct, Dr Denim is pushing all its manufacturers to improve the safety, welfare and health of their workers.


Cotton is the most commonly used material in Dr. Denim’s collections. Aware of the negative aspects of this material, the brand is committed to transitioning to organic cotton, making the collection a little more sustainable every year. Read all about cotton’s impact on people and the environment here. The organic cotton used by Dr Denim is certified by Organic Content Standard (OCS). OCS has two certificates: the OCS 100 label means there is a minimum of 95% organic cotton in the garment, but the percentage is much lower for the OCS Blended label. Clothes carrying the OCS 100 label are therefore the more sustainable choice!

In addition, Dr Denim also uses other sustainable materials such as Tencel. This is viscose made by Lenzing. Lenzing guarantees that the wood used to make Tencel comes from certified and sustainably managed forests. Lenzing has also established guidelines for wood and pulp suppliers. This sets Lenzing apart from other lyocell producers, who do not always offer this guarantee.

Dr Denim is a member of the Swedish chemicals group (Kemikaliegruppen). As a result, they have a stricter chemicals policy. The brand follows European REACH regulations and imposes them on all their manufacturers.


Most of the collection is made from cotton. This makes Dr. Denim more circular, as clothing made 100% from a natural material is biodegradable. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the zips or buttons attached to the clothes.

Short chain

Unfortunately, Dr Denim does not share information about the origin of its products.

Animal welfare

Dr. Denim uses very few materials of animal origin. Silk, leather, fur and feathers, among others, were already banned from their collections. These materials were replaced by, for example, metal buttons and woven labels.

Wool is used in a small selection of their clothes. There is no information about its origin, so it is impossible to assess animal welfare.


Dr. Denim’s style is rather casual and minimalist. This ensures that the clothing is modern and timeless, easy to combine with anything.

By using high-quality materials, Dr. Denim ensures that your jeans will last a long time. By using 100% cotton, the jeans mould themselves to your body, giving you the perfect fit.


Unfortunately, Dr Denim is not very transparent yet. No information is given about the manufacturers, or the countries, where their clothes are produced. The origin of the materials used is also unknown.

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