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Slow fashion in a nutshell

Unique and high-quality clothes made in Belgium, you will find them at An Buermans!

An Buermans?

An Buermans discovered her passion for fashion design at an early age. That is why she opted for a higher education in Plastic Arts with a focus on fashion. After that she was able to put her creative talents into making Venetian masks and theatre during an education in Italy. Yet for An this did not feel like her real passion and she put down her work. But combining colours and fabrics was still in the back of her mind. A year later she yearned to start her own brand. Now An is a designer who creates slow fashion at its best. The timeless and bold creations in her collections mean that her clothes can still be worn within twenty years. She always chooses quality fabrics, which makes her brand even better for COSH!

An and the environment

Each collection contains items made from fabric remnants.
When she makes a garment, she does her best to have as little waste as possible left over. Her knitwear is made of 100% cotton. For the other garments An also chooses natural materials and tries to avoid polyester as much as possible.

Atelier Belgium

The clothing brand carries the Made in Belgium label. That's why she works together with a workshop in Antwerp and for her knitwear with a manufacturer in Sint-Niklaas. When she has a design with a print, she calls in the help of a local artist's studio. It can't be more Made in Belgium, can it?


Enough of these changing trends? Then buy something timeless and sustainable from An Buermans!


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Cosh An Buermans SS20 Look3 2048x2048
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Cosh An Buermans SS20 Look1 grande
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Cosh An Buermans SS20 Collage2 grande
An Buermans knitted red dress Belgian fashion
An Buermans knitted dress amde in Belgium
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