Esther Rühe:

'Not everyone has the time to research about every label in detail.'

We don't have many opportunities to make a difference in our capitalist society. But we have to use the little bit of power that is given to us: the power of the receipt, the choice of product in the shop: that one is our daily possibility to actually express our opinion in a way that is also heard. That's why I write together with my colleague Anna Kessel the Slow Fashion Online Magazine »die konsumentin« (engl. the female consumer). We see the female consumer especially as a powerful contemporary and believe she is a key in demanding the world's economic transformation towards equality and sustainability.

This is also why I see COSH as such an amazing project. One of the most difficult tasks as a consumer is to find out, which purchase-decision the sustainable, the positive, the world-improving one, is. Not everyone has the time to research about every label in detail. I am sure the consumers of our time want to make the right choice - they only lack access to simplicity in sustainable shopping. So sign up for COSH, it’s going to help shaping the (online)shopping-world to a way more sustainable one.