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How sustainable is Happy Socks?

This screening has been done by Fairify on July 3rd 2020

Happy Socks is a Swedish sock manufacturer that has managed to make the dull sock somewhat fun again, but whether its socks are manufactured happily, remains largely unknown. The company acknowledges to be very early in its sustainability journey and plans to publish its first report in 2020. Happy Socks has also adopted a target to source cotton more sustainably by 2022 and mentions that it already uses a percentage of responsibly sourced cotton for its kids’ collection. However, it doesn’t provide information about this sourcing policy or certifications.

Happy Socks is a member of Amfori BSCI and has a Code of Conduct to ensure social standards, and strictly works with Oeko-Tex certified factories to reduce chemicals in its supply chain. But the company hasn’t published a factory list and doesn’t report on the frequency or results of social or environmental audits. It remains unknown under what conditions its products are made.

It’s good that the company acknowledges that it needs to work on its transparency and has set some guidelines to do so. But as it currently stands, the company offers very limited transparency concerning its operations. When a brand doesn’t offer information, there are several risks you take as a consumer. For example, the climate impact of that particular brand or product can be much higher compared to its industry peers. The company might use certain harmful chemicals or there might be animals or humans harmed for the manufacturing of its products. For these reasons, we believe that you should be aware of how products are produced and how a company as a whole operates in regard to our pillars. When there’s no transparency, you are at risk of supporting some or more of the previously mentioned harmful conditions.

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