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Are you looking for a quality scarf to keep yourself warm during cold autumn or winter days? Then the stylish scarves from Wolvis are definitely a must. These scarves are made of 100% merino wool and are locally produced in Belgium. This gives them a super soft feel and ensures good working conditions. In addition to warm scarves, you will also find matching colorful wool hats and stylish kimonos at Wolvis.

Wolvis is a Belgian knitwear brand, founded by architect Griet Depoorter. Griet became inspired by knitting during her fashion studies at the SASK in Sint-Niklaas and experimented with a knitting machine in the evenings, alongside her job as an architect. From that passion and interest flowed her own brand, Wolvis. The Wolvis scarves have aesthetic, colorful designs inspired by things and shapes that inspire Griet. In addition, Griet likes to give the collections a poetic touch.


All Wolvis scarves are knitted in a studio in Waregem. Wolvis consciously chooses to produce locally in Belgium, this guarantees good working conditions during production. Moreover, good contacts with the knitwear manufacturer can be maintained and transports are kept to a minimum.

Natural Materials

The wonderfully soft scarves of Wolvis are made of 100% merino wool, with the Woolmark label. This label guarantees that the wool is of high quality and made to last.

Since the colourful intarsia knitted scarves are all made of one material, they are 100% natural and biodegradable. The scarves are therefore completely circular, but also lend themselves to recycling after they have kept you warm for many years. Moreover, unlike polyester knitwear, no microplastics are released into nature.

Animal welfare

The merino wool used by Wolvis for its scarves and hats comes from Australia and South Africa. Unfortunately, currently, it is still difficult to guarantee animal-friendly wool production. This is due to the long production chains and many wholesalers that collect wool from various regions in large warehouses. In addition, our COSH! research showed that even certificates do not offer a watertight solution. Read more about the ethical and ecological impact of wool here.

The Woolmark label focuses on quality criteria rather than environmental or animal welfare requirements. However, the Australian Wool Innovation (a division of The Woolmark Company) works closely with Australian animal welfare organisations, including the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). In addition, The Woolmark Company also works with Australian wool farmers and universities, business organisations, government departments and research institutes to provide the best welfare for their animals.

Slow Fashion

Wolvis' designs are timeless and the scarves are made to last a lifetime. On the Wolvis website you will find some tips on how you can wash and store your Wolvis scarf the best way. Do you have loose or broken thread in your scarf? Bring your item in and Wolvis will repair it for you. This way, your beloved Wolvis scarf can last for years to come.

Short Chain

Although the wool itself comes from Australia and South Africa, the chain remains short (once the wool has arrived in Belgium). The Wolvis head office is located in Ghent, less than 40 kilometers from the production studio in Waregem. This keeps the transport of the Wolvis items limited, which benefits the CO2 footprint.


Wolvis is completely transparent about their production in Belgium. Unfortunately, up to the present day there is still little transparency within the supply chains from wool farmer to producer and even certificates do not always offer a watertight answer. Therefore, we at COSH! recommend you to cherish your woolen items for as long as possible and to repair them if necessary and possible.

Do you want to face the cold autumn and winter days with a colorful Wolvis scarf? Check out the points of sale below:

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