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Sustainable fashion pioneer and world leader

People Tree is a household name in the world of sustainable fashion: it is the pioneer in the production of ethical and ecological clothing! From elegant culottes in earthy tones to smooth shirts with cool prints: at People Tree you'll find trendy durable clothes that you can wear without feeling guilty.

People Tree?

English fashion brand People Tree was founded in 1991 and is one of the most famous sustainable clothing brands for men and women. As a pioneer and world leader in sustainable and ethical fashion, the brand has been a registered and active member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) since 1996.

People Tree's goal is to create sustainable, beautiful and exclusive clothing with sustainable and fair materials to improve the lives and environment of local workers and merchants.

Eco: from needle to thread?

People Tree's clothing is made of certified organic cotton (GOTS), TENCEL™ Lyocell and responsible wool (Fair Trade). Way to go, People Tree!

The dyes used to dye the clothing are as natural as possible and have a low ecological impact on the environment.

People Tree limits the use of chemicals, water and waste water during the production of its garments. And in order to further reduce its ecological footprint - and to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases - People Tree ships its clothing by sea and not by air transport

In 2013, People Tree was the first clothing brand in the world to be awarded the WFTO production label on its packaging. Oh, yeah!

A great place to work?

Yes, it is! People Tree produces clothing in low-wage countries, but closely monitors the operations of its suppliers and thus ensures that workers earn minimum wages.

The brand strives for long-term cooperation with local producers and traders, mainly in developing countries. As a member of the WFTO, People Tree also supports its local producers on a technical level and wants to have a positive social impact on the local community.

People Tree has garments woven, knitted or embroidered by hand by local workers. In this way People Tree creates employment in remote rural areas, where work is often difficult to find. And more work = less poverty!

Overall / short

Pioneer & world leader in sustainable basics. A brand known for its sustainable fashion with an impact!

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