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Non-profit #coop inspiring action on sustainable fashion

'Buy less, wear more' is the key rule to follow when shopping ethically. Yet, ‘buy less, make more’ is also a sustainable style ethos to live by. Chorlton based grassroots initiative, Stitched Up, has made sustainable fashion its mission, and the group aims to create an alternative fashion industry: one that’s guilt-free. It's extremely admirable.

They say, ‘why buy new clothes when you can make your own?’ and offer attendees sewing and up-cycling classes to help them do just that. Stitched Up also presents eco-fashion events such as clothes-swaps, vintage fairs and a repair café where expert volunteers teach you how to repair clothes, bikes, furniture, etc. 

All-in-all, Stitched-Up wants its attendees to rethink how they view and consume clothes – instead of fast, throwaway fashion, it may be time to opt for a slow, sustainable style.

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