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An ink stain on your handbag, or a drained drinking can that damaged your beloved bag? It is not easy to get the stains out of the lining of your favourite bag. Are your bottoms, pumps or unique loafers broken or damaged? Would you like to repair or refurbish your handbag or wallet? HOIHOI is a professional repair service for luxury shoes, belts and designer handbags. 

The leather repair shop is located behind a residential house in Oosterzele, near Ghent, but HOIHOI offers a fully digital service. Simply upload photos of the item to be repaired via the website HOIHOI.be. Based on this, Justine from HOIHOI makes an offer for the repair. Once you approve the offer, you can send the item to the leather repair service HOIHOI in Oosterzele. In the workshop, shoemaker Justine does a second check if the initial solution she suggested was the right one and further consultation on the materials to be replaced follows with the customer.

If you agree with the suggestion and the cost price of the bag or shoe repair, then the restoration of the iconic item starts. So your handbag can go to the spa for a wellness treatment! All leather goods are always treated and cared for with the utmost care at HOIHOI. After repair, HOIHOI will send the bag or shoes back to you.

Tip: You can also pay with the COSH! Gift Card.

Do you want to give your beloved pair of shoes a facelift? Or could your designer handbag do with some major maintenance? Then definitely take a look at the website of HOIHOI

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