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With the vision, "Reusing and recycling is the future." founder Kathleen started Closet Stories, a hip second-hand shop for cool kids and wise mums!

(Future) parents can find everything they need here, from (brand) clothing to women's clothes and children's books.

Have your children already outgrown their wardrobe or are their cupboards overflowing? Bring your children's clothes to Closet Stories. Preferably Belgian brands such as Bellerose, Filou &Friends and Morley. They sell the clothes for you under consignment conditions! That way you recycle and earn something from the clothes without having to invest a lot of time in them yourself, a win-win situation! Every piece of clothing tells a story, a story that deserves to be shared. In a sustainable way, without hurting our planet or our wallet.

Find out more about how Closet Stories works here.

Save the date! From October 15, Closet Stories will have a brand new store in Sint-Amandsberg in Ghent! 

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2nd hand Kids
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2nd hand
Prendas recicladas circulares postconsumo

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