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Are you looking for a unique, handmade gift with a social impact? Then you’ll be at the right place at RoadsMaakt. Here you will find home accessories such as wooden drink boards and cushions, but also beautiful ceramics and various gift items made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Ethical working conditions

All products at RoadsMaakt are made in creative, social workshops in the Netherlands that are grouped under the name Roads. These workshops offer a job to people who find it difficult to enter the regular labour market due to mental illness. Roads counsels these people and gives them a day's work, giving them more self-confidence and making them feel appreciated. Thanks to RoadsMaakt, 240 enthusiastic makers have found a place in the labour market again!


Every product at RoadsMaakt has its own story and is made of sustainable or recycled materials. For example, you can find a desk lamp made from recycled bicycle parts, a tote bag made from bicycle tires, cuddly toys made from recycled jeans, key rings made from bicycle chains, etc.

At RoadsMaakt you will also find products made of wood, ceramics, wool, felt, and organic cotton. Discover among other things wooden stools, serving boards, or table clocks, and beautiful handmade ceramic plates, cups, and vases. Are you looking for a baby gift? Then you will find cute bodysuits and T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton with unique prints by the silk-screen printing company Zeefdrukmakers.

Circulaire economie

In a circular economy, the reuse of products and raw materials is central, with the aim of avoiding waste and harmful emissions as much as possible. RoadsMaakt takes old items and makes them valuable again, thereby engaging in upcycling. RoadsMaakt also works as much as possible with pure materials that can be recycled, such as 100% cotton or old bicycle inner tubes.

Short chain and transparency

At RoadsMaakt you won't find mass-produced goods but unique, handmade products that are manufactured locally in the Netherlands. As a result, the products only travel a short distance and the CO2 emissions of the products are minimal. Moreover, RoadMaakt is very transparent about where the products are made and from what materials.

RoadsMaakt offers a unique collection of handmade products, for everyone who wants to contribute to a more social society. Are you still looking for a gift with a heart-warming story? Then be sure to take a look at the sales outlets below and discover RoadsMaakt’s products.

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