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RE°invented is a Belgian slow fashion clothing brand founded by Anne Nagels. As the name already tells you, Anne wants to reinvent the fashion industry because she thinks that 'textiles and clothes are too often seen as a disposable product'. We at COSH! totally agree with that! With RE°invented, Anne strives for a transparent, sustainable, and challenging fashion industry. Do you want to shine in a unique piece made of an upcycled men's shirt or fabric scraps from designers? Then RE°invented is the place to be.


Anne is always on the lookout for suitable materials for her collections at deadstock fabric sales, thrift stores, and production studios. So there aren’t new fabrics at RE°invented, but all pre-consumer surpluses or second-hand clothes. Finding suitable fabrics is therefore certainly a challenge, but Anne sees it as a true treasure hunt. Even the ribbons, buttons, and zippers in the clothing are always upcycled.


RE°invented by ANNEN collaborates with vzw de Welvaartkapoen, a workshop in Molenbeek for women who can’t enter the job market work. The women work in the atelier for a maximum of one and a half years, after which they move on to the regular job market.

Slow Fashion

The fabrics that Anne finds always determine the design. The design process takes time but results are unique and limited edition garments. At RE°invented the focus is not on the quantity but on the quality of the garments. The collections always start from three models in three different fabric variants. In each fabric combination, only 6 pieces are made, 2 S, 2 M, 2L.

The pieces usually have an oversized fit, which means that women up to size XXL (44-46) can wear them at RE°invented.

RE°invented also works with a made-to-order system, where you can reorder a specific garment from the collection in the same or another fabric combination if it is sold out. Circular

The garments of RE°invented by ANNEN can always be repaired at their own repair service. This of course fits completely within the philosophy of the brand. Throwing away clothes is not in Anne's vocabulary!

Discover the unique pieces of clothing from RE°invented by ANNEN here.

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