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Petra de Jonge is an Amsterdam based designer who loves making unique women's clothing to order for her clients! Would you describe your style as edgy chic and do you love rich fabrics like jacquard? Or are you looking for a sustainable pair of tailored jeans? Then keep on reading.

Petra de Jonge combines luxury fashion, tailoring and local production flawlessly. After studying at the fashion faculty of ArtEZ, Petra worked for 16 years for high end fashion labels in Paris such as Kenzo, Barbara Bui, Zapa and Marithé & François Girbaud. Thanks to this experience as an all-round designer she can help you find fashion that fits your personality and shape. By using a 3D body scan, the perfect pattern for your size can be determined!


Petra de Jonge's designs are brought to life by a team of tailors consisting of native and new Amsterdammers from migrant backgrounds. Petra chooses which tailor is most specialized in the details of each garment and each tailor gets a fair wage for his work. The working conditions at Petra de Jonge are good!


Petra selects the fabrics for her luxury creations with attention for quality and durability. A part of the fabrics employed are leftover/deadstock fabrics from well-known fashion brands, but Petra also has special fabrics like luxury jacquard developed within Europe.

You can choose a unique fabric from the collection that Petra has built up over the years, to carry out your chosen design. You can also have the fabric embroidered or painted by hand to personalise it further or choose matching accessories.

The material compositions of the fabrics are varied, but most of them are Oeko-Tex certified, which means that they do not contain any harmful substances.

A material you will find a lot in the collection is an Italian travel fabric, made of polyamide and elastane. This fabric is made using a water, energy, and chemicals-efficient method to reduce pollution and emissions. The advantage of this fabric is that it stays beautiful for a long time and it is crease-resistant. But because both polyamide and elastane are synthetic fabrics, it is not biodegradable in the end-of-life phase.

Petra de Jonge also has luxury jacquard fabrics made in France. This is a very expensive woven material that is known for its rich look and high quality. However, the material is a blend of polyester and is therefore not easily recyclable.

Other materials you will find in the collection are (stretch) cotton, viscose, polyester, recycled polyester, and bamboo.

You can also have jeans made to measure that fit you perfectly. For stretchability, these jeans contain a type of elastane made from recycled PET bottles that have been fished up from the Amsterdam canals.

Another unique piece in the collection are sustainable denim jackets that are made of pre-worn jeans and used leather from old bank upholstery. Petra de Jonge brings upcycling to the world of luxury fashion!


Quality is a high priority at Petra de Jonge, therefore you can enjoy this brand’s clothes for a long time. They also use circular materials like pre-worn jeans and used leather (from banks) but also elastane obtained from recycled PET bottles from the Amsterdam canals. That's nice to see!

However, the other materials used for the collections are less circular as they are often blends of different textiles such as cotton and elastane or polyester. As a result, the fabrics are not recyclable and if synthetics are used, are not biodegradable in the end-of-life phase either.

Short Chain

Petra de Jonge has a short supply chain. All fabrics come from Europe, namely Italy, France, and Germany. Then the clothes are made in The Netherlands, at Petra’s studio in Amsterdam.

Animal welfare

Almost all Petra de Jonge's clothing is vegan, as animal materials are not often used.

For the suede looks, real cowhide is not used but a synthetic alternative instead. And to create the snakeskin look, jacquard woven fabric is finished with a metallic layer.

Recycled leather which previously served as upholstery is added to certain jackets. This gives the qualitative material a second life!

Slow Fashion & Longevity

Petra de Jonge’s designs are made to order at their studio in Amsterdam. Therefore they produce in small volumes, and only what is needed is made. That's why there are no left over batches and no big sales, totally slow fashion!

In addition, you can have an original design made and executed at Petra de Jonge's Collection & Couture Atelier, for performances (stage clothes), weddings (both as bride and as a guest), other events, or for everyday use.

Petra de Jonge’s design style can be described as 'edgy chic', yet feminine. Because Petra can make a 3D-scan of your body and adapt a digital pattern to it, the size chart of this brand has no limits. The designer finds it important to design for the diversity of female shapes, optimized for the specific body.

Craftsmanship is also an important element in Petra de Jonge's work, all her garments are made with attention and passion in her own workshop. Thanks to their expertise in the trade the quality of their clothes is immaculate and they clothes last a long time.


Petra de Jonge has made her suppliers known to COSH! and the names and photos of the tailors are listed on the website. Only in the area of material composition and origin the brand could be more transparent.

Are you looking for a dress, top, jeans, skirt, or jacket that is completely tailored to you? Then take a look at Petra de Jonge’s collection designs and have a tailor-made piece of clothing made for you! You can also have performance clothes or a wedding dress designed for you by Petra de Jonge. Take a look at the map below to see where you can find this couture brand.

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