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Looking for natural wool, vegan-friendly knitwear or sustainable knitting accessories in leather? Then Ulla is the place to be! Ulla refers to "ull" which means "wool" in Icelandic and is the sustainable yarn paradise for every knitter or crocheter in Belgium.

Founder Sofie De Coninck ended her career as a teacher in 2017 and founded Ulla: a shop for everyone who likes to work with wool yarn. Would you like to learn how to knit, crochet or macramé? Ulla also offers workshops tailored to your needs.

The natural knitwear at Ulla comes from 5 different brands that can hardly be found anywhere else in Belgium. You can even find the innovative knitwear brand Onion. This Danish brand uses nettle fibres, among other things, for its yarn.

Besides Onion, you can also find yarn from Icelandic Lopi, South African Vinnis Colors, French Fonty and German Lamana. For those who are looking for animal-friendly, vegan wool, Ulla sells the brand Scheepjes that makes yarn from bamboo in a sustainable way. In short, all yarns at Ulla are selected based on their sustainable character to offer you the most beautiful yarns.

Nuestras marcas

Fabricado Éticamente
Fabricado Éticamente en Europa
Respetuoso con el planeta y 80% Orgánico
Respetuoso con el planeta: materiales 100% biodegradables
Respetuoso con el Planeta: Materiales naturales que utilizan menos recursos hídricos
Respetuoso con el Planeta, sin microplásticos
Respetuoso con el planeta No productos químicos nocivos que se filtren
Vegano: parte de la colección es vegana
Lana libre de maltrato animal
Respetuoso con los animales - no probado en animales
Cadena de producción corta: Hecho en Europa Occidental
Embalaje cero residuos
Moda Lenta sin Temporada
Moda Lenta a Medida
Transparencia 90%: los proveedores y fabricantes de textiles aparecen en la lista

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