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In November 2019, Anouk Océanne started her vintage instagram shop @ reveuse.vintage in addition to her work as a stylist, with the aim of offering a manageable alternative to fast fashion.

Océanne: "I had been shopping almost everything vintage for 15 years, but I soon noticed that not everyone did it with the same ease. For Rêveuse, I make sure that all items are of high quality and fit into the current ‘fashion’, the prices are comparable to the Zara and H&M, only the quality is much, much better. In addition, they are all unique pieces, a win-win-win situation if you ask me. "

Rêveuse opened in November 2020 at Bilderdijkstraat 201, after the instagram account had grown considerably during the pandemic. The facade is candy pink, the inside coral-colored, a small vintage treasure room.

"The future is vintage" says a motivated Océanne. "We can no longer continue to consume new stuff, the world is finished. I look forward to the moment when vintage is the norm, and new stuff comes second. The store is well-organized, which makes it easier to pass a vintage gem, a well-organized webshop is in the making, and our own upcycled line is on the wish list. Everything to ensure that the future is greener and more beautiful.”

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Prendas recicladas circulares postconsumo

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