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RedStars is a Belgian circular brand founded by Bart Proot. The innovative face masks and trendy bags by RedStars are made entirely of polyester and are therefore easy to recycle. Read more about the sustainability of RedStars here.

Pick up your circular bag with matching mouth mask at the office in Oostkamp (by appointment only) or check the webshop!

Nuestras marcas

Plásticos Circulares Reciclados del Océano
Plásticos Circulares de PET Reciclados
Modelo de Negocio Circular Servicio de reparación o Recogida
Materiales Circulares Reciclados
Materiales Circulares Fáciles de Reciclar
Moda Lenta sin Temporada

Horarios de apertura

LunesBy appointment
MartesBy appointment
MiércolesBy appointment
JuevesBy appointment
ViernesBy appointment
SábadoBy appointment
DomingoBy appointment
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