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Motherhood is a very special place at Kinkerstraat 270. On weekends you can go here for creative workshops such as natural painting by Atelier Roua and the shop is also open on Saturdays. Motherhood sells sustainable essentials for kids such as Billie Wonder's washable diapers, pre-loved blanket jackets from Sep7ember and sustainable bathroom textiles from Palais de l'eau. Adult vintage lovers will also be very happy with the vintage pearls from Emporium of Wonders and the sustainable bags from Novèmbre.

Motherhood considers sustainability and recycling to be very important and will host another Recycle Sint this year (2020). Keep an eye on their instagram for updates and events!

During the week, mainly female entrepreneurs who are involved in sustainable initiatives and products work here. Under the motto "Together makes strong", they brainstorm together and the ladies share their knowledge, creativity and resources.

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Sábado11:00 - 18:00
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