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Weggeefwinkel New Life West in Amsterdam-West was founded with a beautiful social mission and philosophy. Founder Riske de Cock has a passion for fashion and for the neighborhood, which is why she brings the two together in her second-hand clothing store. Together with her husband, she has been pastor of the church New Life West since 2016. In 2021, they expanded their work for the neighborhood with a neighborhood kitchen in 2019 and with a clothing giveaway store in 2021.

The store is a safe place for everyone. Walk between the clothes and experience the positive atmosphere that hangs in the store, for example, have a chat with the other visitors from the neighborhood. Moreover, the store runs thanks to the fine help of friendly volunteers. There is a selection for women, men, children and babies.

What is very special about the store, which is also called the store of miracles, is that the first seven pieces of clothing are given away for free. From the eighth piece you pay a donation of at least 1 euro per garment. Those who have more money available can donate more, so the people in poverty who need it can come here and pick out new clothes.

Everyone is always welcome to bring in clothes, kitchen utensils and toys. They will then be displayed in the store or sent abroad by people from the neighborhood, to Morocco and Suriname for example. Do your bit!

Nuestras marcas

2nd hand
Prendas recicladas circulares postconsumo
2nd hand Kids
Prendas recicladas circulares postconsumo

Horarios de apertura

Lunes10.00 - 16.00
Martes10.00 - 16.00
Miércoles10.00 - 16.00
Jueves10.00 - 16.00
Viernes10.00 - 16.00
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