What is the Conscious Shopping Gift Card?

A sustainable gift card to pamper friends, family or colleagues.

Individuals or companies buy the gift card online through our website. The Gift Card is valid for one year. This way COSH! users can inspire friends, family or colleagues to shop at sustainable stores.

The lucky recipient can issue the voucher at once or spread it at various COSH! affiliated shops. COSH! wants to use the Conscious Shopping Gift Card to promote local shopping at physical shops.

COSH! collaborates with Unigift, an experienced publisher of gift vouchers. Members of the Ghent, Bruges or Antwerp Gift Vouchers is familiar with the system.

Consumers can buy the gift card here
The benefits of The Conscious Shopping Gift Card?

A gift card is an excellent way to introduce new customers to your shop. We are launching this initiative six months after our initial plan, because we felt it was important during COVID that people shopped directly at your shop. With the holiday season coming up, we think it's an ideal way for existing COSH! users to inspire new people.

Would you like to join the Conscious Shopping Gift Card? Fill in this form so your payment will go smoothly as soon as you collect a voucher.

Do you have any questions, comments or concerns? Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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What do I do as a retailer when a consumer wants to use the gift card?
  • Each voucher has a unique code. Head to codekassa.be and sign in with your unique login. Codekassa works on your computer, tablet and smartphone.
  • Enter the code of the voucher you received on codekassa.be to see if there is any value on the voucher. Then enter the value the customer wishes to use. The customer can use the card again for subsequent purchases.
  • By confirming, you complete the purchase. The system will automatically pay you.
  • The payments happen twice a week and will appear on your account within 5 working days.

Retailers and consumers can get support or ask questions via [email protected]

Transparency: Commission for Unigift and COSH!

The external provider, Unigift, has a platform where COSH! can see the status of all Conscious Shopping gift vouchers. The software provider receives 8% commission (excluding VAT) on the issued gift vouchers, half of which they transfer to COSH!. This means that for each transaction using the card, an 8% commission (excluding VAT) will be invoiced to the retailer. The proceeds of unused gift vouchers will also be divided 50/50 between COSH! and Unigift'. Unigift and COSH! agreed that the priority is to encourage customers as much as possible to use the gift vouchers in physical stores before they expire.