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Comfortable shoes for an urban lifestyle.

For those who want to combine streetwear with their love for the environment, there are the sneakers of the Scandinavian Woden.


Woden is not just another sneaker brand on the market, because the Danish brand is already one step ahead. This is because it combines Scandinavian elements with ecological alternatives to synthetic leather. Fun and trendy steps for men and women, young and old.

Sustainable sneakers

As a sneaker brand, the Scandinavian brand is only trying to build its shoe with natural materials. This has the advantage that the shoe, if it ever ends up on the waste mountain, is easily degradable. Woden also works according to its own principle of reduction, reuse and recycling. For its North Sea Collection, the brand makes shoes out of fish-leather. This type of leather comes from the fishing industry in the North Sea, which uses only 1% of the fish skins. Unfortunately, the rest of the skins still end up in the garbage heap, but some brands are gradually changing that. The leather has been processed sustainably. For example, it has been dyed with water from the geothermal springs in Iceland. It is also much stronger than, for example, cow leather. This makes your shoes last a lot longer. The supplier with whom Woden collaborates is Atlantic Leather. This is all mentioned on the website, so we can certainly call this brand transparent.
The production location of the shoes is in a certified factory in Vietnam.

If you thought that was all, then you were wrong. Woden also works with cork for the insoles of the sneakers. This material is a sustainable and vegan alternative to leather. Cork is antibacterial and biodegradable. The rubber soles are also made of at least 10% recycled, natural and synthetic rubber. Not completely ecological, but still a big step in the right direction!


Stylish, super-soft sneakers designed by Danish creative minds.

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