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Meraki is a lifestyle brand inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic, designed and developed in Denmark. You can turn to the brand for natural hand gel, beautiful sponges, mirrors, face masks, hand soap and blissful scented candles.

Natural ingredients in the care products

The Meraki body scrub, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion hand soap are all certified with ecocert greenlife - COSMOS organic. So you can be sure that the personal care products contain 100% natural ingredients and between 10-95% organically grown ingredients. The ingredients are also all approved according to the standards for organic cosmetic products. However, Meraki has 3 exceptions to the rule: the candles, aloe vera makeup removers and wipes do not contain natural ingredients. The rest of the range does.

Depending on the product, the percentage of organic ingredients will vary. For example, the body scrub contains 87%, the shampoo 15%, body wash 15% and the hand cream and hand soap 10% of organic ingredients. The essential oils for the bath are also derived from organic ingredients. In addition to Ecocert, the shampoo is also certified with Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of products.

The brand does not use GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), nor harmful ingredients such as parabens and microplastics. For the body scrub, grooming brand Meraki adds sugar. In other body scrubs, microplastics are often added for the exfoliating effect, this is fortunately not the case with Meraki.

Meraki also takes into account sensitive skin types. The Meraki Body Lotion contains vitamin E, which is especially important for sensitive skin. It stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin and provides moisture. Not only the lotion has a skin and allergy friendly composition. For example, the shampoo and conditioner carry the Asthma Allergy Denmark label.

Working conditions

Most personal care products are made in Denmark. We see a few exceptions: the candles and makeup cleansing wipes are made in China and the mangostone in Taiwan.

In addition, it is also difficult to find out where all the exact ingredients at Meraki come from. According to Meraki, the production of palm oil and palm kernel oil is sustainable. However, we did not find any certificates of sustainable forest management. We'll find out more for you!

Natural Candles

Meraki has scented candles made from soy oil, but unfortunately this does not come from non-organic agriculture. Thus, harmful chemicals have been used in the production of soy. The candles are made in China. However, at COSH! we prefer candles made from sustainable materials from organic farming, which do not have to travel all over the world.

Curious about sustainable options candles? Read all about it on our blog.

Organic cotton towels

The towels are made of organic cotton in neutral colors. Meraki also sells toilet bags made of cotton and polyester. The cotton for the toilet bags is not organic, a minor drawback. Also, the combination of different materials makes the toilet bag harder to recycle after use.

Animal Friendly

Meraki does not have a vegan label, so we cannot be sure that the products do not contain animal ingredients. However, all the toiletries, shampoos, body lotions and hand soaps carry the Ecocert certificate which prohibits the use of ingredients derived from dead animals, so these products can be considered 'vegetarian' rather than vegan.

Meraki also sells its scented candles, face care and cosmetics in China and Taiwan. China has permission to have the cosmetics tested if the brand also exports to China. So COSH! does consider brands that have a headquarters, address or point of sale in China as 'tested on animals' as we cannot say with 100% certainty that Meraki's cosmetics and personal care products have not been tested on animals.

Recyclable material

The plastic packaging is made of recyclable plastic. The hand soap comes in paper boxes that are also recyclable. All the scented candles do come in a beautiful metal box, which is too good to throw away! Even the glass of the candles can be reused afterwards as a flower pot or decoration.


It is difficult to find out under what working conditions the ingredients are harvested. For the mangosteen and makeup remover made in Taiwan and China, we are also curious about the production process and suppliers. We remain a bit hungry.

Meraki does offer you and wide range of natural care products from shampoo, conditioners, soaps, all made from natural ingredients. Curious? Take a look at the map below.

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